July 27, 2021

More Madrid appeals to TSJM the appointment of the administrator of Telemadrid

Madrid, Jul 22 (EFE) .- Más Madrid has presented a contentious-administrative appeal in the Superior Court of Justice of Madrid (TSJM) against the appointment of the provisional Administrator of Telemadrid, José Antonio Sánchez, in a letter requesting measures precautionary, claiming that “in just one week” the administrator “has reversed three years of work.”

The spokesperson for Más Madrid, Mónica García, warns in statements sent to the media this Thursday that the “executioner” appointed by the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, “is on the way to reversing” all the “rigorous and professional ”of the last three years, in which Telemadrid has managed to“ trace its audience, professionalism and credibility ”.

For this reason, they ask for these precautionary measures aimed at stopping the “direct effects” that, as they warn, the appointment of the current administrator is already having, such as “the dismissal of the entire management of Telemadrid and Onda Madrid”, in reference to the dismissals the general director of Onda Madrid, Ángel Rubio, or the news director of Telemadrid, Jon Ariztimuño, among others.

The Ayuso Government appointed Sánchez as provisional administrator of the regional public television on July 14, a week after the plenary session of the Assembly approved the modification of the law that regulates Telemadrid, promoted by the PP and which went ahead thanks to the abstention of Vox.

However, Más Madrid considers that they did not act well because the reform law of Radio Televisión Pública Madrileña establishes that, three months before the CEO leaves office, the Director Council of Telemadrid must initiate a process of searching for a candidate and If this process concludes without a candidate, the regional government can appoint a new administrator of the entity.

For this reason, the party denounces that the regional government appointed Sánchez “without respecting those three months” established by the reform law.

“Mrs. Ayuso was in such a hurry to assault Telemadrid that she has violated her own law,” says García in a video, in which he calls the appointment of the new head of Telemadrid “botched”, while accusing Ayuso of “not complying with his own laws ”and having“ an obsession with remote control of the public television of Madrid ”.

Due to these actions, Más Madrid already requested the Government of Spain on July 6 to file an appeal of unconstitutionality to “stop the appointment of Sánchez, having not respected the established procedures”, and they assure that they will continue to do “everything that is in his hand to stop the abuses of the Government of Ayuso ”. EFE

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