Sat. Aug 17th, 2019

More insists on a mediation that sees "essential" and prescribes "discretion" for its success

Mas insiste en una mediación que ve “imprescindible” y receta “discreción” para su éxito

A referendum with two proposals in positive and consensus, one driven by the Parlament de Catalunya and another for the Congress of Deputies, to give the decision to the citizens and that the response is implemented. This is the idea that has been drawn by the former president of the Generalitat Artur Mas in an interview on TV3 hours before the start of the trial of 1-O in the Supreme Court, a station that is presumed to be key in the you procés.

"Can the Catalan conflict be solved in a way that is not a referendum? I do not think so. We can not take away people's ultimate decision. Admitting this, we have already raised referendums of independence yes or no and they have not led us to the solution, "Mas has desgranado to justify his proposal. And it is that for the expresident, what is fundamental so that the "pulse" between supporters and opponents of independence is not entangled is to "find partners with the win to find the solution".

In this sense, Artur Mas has insisted that sovereignty can not count on Vox, Cs or PP as interlocutors. "This can only be done with a Spanish parliament with a majority of PSOE and Podemos," he stressed, to question the independence movement if it is convenient to drop the Executive of Pedro Sanchez, in full debate of the general budgets of the State.

Supreme Court

But the 1-O trial of "shame for the State" is undermined, although it emphasizes that it is an "opportunity" for the independence movement to denounce its situation

The former president of the Generalitat has also put in value the possibility of finding a figure of rapporteur between Government and Government. In fact, it has gone further and has emphasized that "mediation is essential". "You must always maintain a thread of dialogue, even in the face of your worst enemy," he explained, recalling that in his time at the head of the Catalan Executiu he maintained bridges of discreet dialogue with the Rajoy government and with the opposition of the PSOE. The "discretion" is, in his opinion, the essential feature to achieve results.

But, testimony in the procés trial that starts on Tuesday, has described the judicial process of "shame for the State", although he stressed that, at the same time, also "it is an opportunity for the independence movement to denounce the violation of fundamental rights "

Disabled until February of 2020 by the 9N, the expresident has left in the air the possibility of returning to the first political line, although "the answer, if it had to decide now, would be that no". "But I do not have to decide now, I have always tried to help in everything that has been asked of me and it does not have to be always from the front line," he said.

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