June 18, 2021

more digitization, investment and talent




The association of internationalized industrial companies (Amec), which generates an export volume of more than 6,200 million euros, has put on the table a dozen recipes which in the opinion of this employers are essential for the transformation of the Spanish industry: accelerate digitization, bringing the educational system closer to the labor market; the creation of a think tank or council of wise men, maintaining public investment forecasts or the creation of a collaborative public-private ecosystem.

Prepared with the collaboration of fifty international experts and exporting companies, the document «Keys to change the production model» wants to highlight the relevance that industrial policies will have in the economic development of Spain in the coming years. In the opinion of the general director of Amec, Joan Tristany, “It’s not just about going back to the pre-pandemic situationbut to take advantage of the moment to do the pending duties that allow us to progress ».

In this regard, from this employer, they have stressed that despite the fact that the foreign sector was the main driver of recovery from the previous crisis of 2008, the lack of public investment “They have distanced us from the European objectives of achieving a 20% weight of industry in GDP by 2020”. In reality, the weight of the industry would barely exceed 16% according to INE estimates. From Amec they have pointed to “a clear loss of competitiveness” that would have its origin in the lack of innovation.

Simplify the processing of aid

Among the recipes proposed by this employers are “reactivation and simplification of support instruments and transfer of aid »for which they are committed to a plan to improve productive capacity, which seeks to provide tax incentives for the renewal of equipment geared towards Industry 4.0; as well as the reactivation of incentives for industrial relocation.

Another proposal included in the document entitled “Keys to change the production model” is the acceleration of the implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals; as well as “Double” investment to support business R & D & I, through tax incentives ensuring “technological sovereignty” by promoting the transfer to the national productive sector of patents originating in Spain and accelerating the digitization of the economy. In this line, the employers of internationalized industries, exposes several measures such as guarantee by law the quality of network service or that the regulation abandons its analogical approach.

Training of new talents

Amec’s document also aims to train new talents for the changes that are already taking place. For this reason, they have opted to “bring the educational system closer to the labor market” through the enhancement of technical and dual FP or the introduction of deductions to Social Security for the hiring of technical personnel in companies.

There are also several ideas to support the foreign sector as a plan to remove barriers at source that exporting companies have (customs procedures, taxation), adapt promotion plans to new instruments such as the marketplace or the recovery of foreign investment aid programs.

In addition to other proposals such as the maintenance of public investment forecasts, the enhancement of Public Procurement of Innovation or the creation of a Center for Future Strategies, a Think tank or expert council that reports directly to the Presidency of the Government “for the identification of scenarios and the design of contingency plans for new crises.”


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