More detail and precision in automatic Facebook and Instagram descriptions

Automatic photo descriptions

Automatic photo descriptions

Facebook has introduced the next generation of its automatic alt text tool (AAT), with which you attach a more detailed and accurate description of the images that appear on the social network so that blind or visually impaired people can also know their content.

The new generation of AAT recognizes more objects in photos that are shared on Facebook and Instagram. Specifically, the number of objects has multiplied by ten since the tool was introduced for the first time in 2016. As a result, there will be fewer photos without description.

The descriptions offered by this tool are also now more detailed, as the company explains on its official website. This is because the categories have been expanded of existing objects and concepts and added new ones.

In addition, the new AAT has the ability to recognize activities, landmarks and types of animals, which allows to generate more complete descriptions, such as ‘Selfie of 2 people, outdoors, the Leaning Tower of Pisa’.

The information it offers also allows know precisely the location and relative size of the elements that appear in the images. This means that instead of offering a description of the type “it could be an image of five people”, the tool specifies that it is an image of two people in the center and three others located to the sides.

From Facebook they point out that “together, these advances help blind or visually impaired users to better understand what’s in posted photos by their family and friends, and in their own photos, by providing more and more detailed information) “.

The descriptions are written in a simple way, avoiding long sentences. The company acknowledges that “it is not poetic, but it is very functional.” In this way, it facilitates the reading of the descriptions and their translation into 45 different languages.

The AAT is available for photos in the news section, profile and Facebook groups. Also for photos opened in detail mode (where the image appears full screen and the background is black). On Instagram, the AAT is available for feed, profile photos and on Instagram Explore.


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