More Country will not present candidacy in Extremadura, where EQUO sees that the state agreement "can harm"

EQUO Extremadura also indicates that it will consult the Federal Executive Commission "the different possibilities" in the territory in which they have already been working together with Extremeños, Podemos and Izquierda Unida in the political space United for Extremadura.

In this regard, Chusa Barrantes and Paula Jarque, co-spokesmen of EQUO Extremadura, also regret that the green party becomes "news" by the agreement with Más País, "instead of by its policies to fight against the climatic emergency", and " especially on a day on September 27, the day of the global strike for the climate in which young women demand real political action. "

In this way, he refers to the fact that on Friday, the 27th, the results of the voting of the EQUO affiliation were known, to give as a "settled" position that the green party will have in the next 10N elections.

With a percentage of 58.7%, the option to attend the general elections within the More Country political space is the most voted by the affiliation, recalls EQUO Extremadura, which adds that in any case "More Country will not present candidacy in Extremadura" facing the next general elections.

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