July 12, 2020

More Country proposes to the PSOE and United We can raise the wealth tax

More Country has registered this Monday ten amendments to the document agreed by the PSOE and United We Can in the Commission for the Reconstruction of COVID-19 in Congress, including one to raise the wealth tax from 1 to 1.7% to Those who have more than one million euros and 2% from two million euros.

More Country requests to include this tax in an amendment to the document agreed between the PSOE and United We Can, which left out the request of the group of Pablo Iglesias to tax with a minimum of 2 percent on assets that exceed one million euros.

Deputy Íñigo Errejón also calls for green taxation, which consists of ending tax exemptions for aviation kerosene and not subsidizing diesel and gasoline cars, in addition to establishing a carbon tax for Internet purchases and a tax on plastic single use only.

It also proposes More Country in its amendments measures to promote the use of public transport and offset losses by hygiene measures and safety standards by COVID-19, promote a public pharmaceutical industry and shield investment in health, as well as that subsidies and aid to companies are linked to ecological conditions.

Another of the More Country amendments calls for a 32-hour workday and to establish a Conciliation Permit that contemplates the reduction of the workday to 50% for each mother or father in equal parts with paid leave and 100% for single-parent families and single parent.

Furthermore, Más País proposes introducing complementary indicators to GDP in the national accounts and that, coinciding with the introduction of the Minimum Vital Income, a pilot test of Universal Basic Income will be carried out this year, with a sample of 5,000 families.


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