Thu. Nov 14th, 2019

More Country only gets three seats and evaporates in Catalonia

The polls have made good the worst of the polls and More Country It has presented itself in society, reaping 600,000 votes, but only three seats. A result so concise that it implies not having its own group in the Congress of Deputies nor be decisive in the pacts. The national dream of Íñigo Errejón when just two months ago he was drunk by the expectations generated by the national jump of More Madrid – they used to conduct surveys of up to 14 seats – it has evaporated suddenly and threw a very different reality.

The former number two of We can The campaign started by presenting itself as a guarantee of unlocking on the premise of adding on the left, and not to divide it. The first post-election analyzes, however, prove otherwise. And the votes obtained in 16 of the 18 provinces in which they appeared have gone directly to the trash.

Training does not exist beyond Madrid, where he has achieved two representatives

The data also reflect that More Country does not exist beyond the Madrid's community, where he has won two seats – Errejón himself and Marta Higueras-, and of Valencia, where a seat has been confirmed –Joan Baldoví-. Although this case is due to the signed coalition, not without internal controversy, with Commitment. Out of them nothing. Neither in Galicianor in Catalunya, with Juan Antonio Geraldes, among others. And in the capital, in addition, its strength decreases.

With all this, Errejón appeared before the press visibly upset by the results, but avoiding any guilt by repealing it, on the contrary, to PSOE Y United We Can, who has been accused of "thinning political coexistence and eroding democracy because of the huge irresponsibility of electoral repetition." Accusations that, however, will park in the coming days to put their three seats at the service of "a large leftist pact that allows the investiture of a government of progress."

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