More controversial of 'Masterchef' in A Coruña: they investigate the possible use of illegal seafood

Juanma Castaño with two lobster specimens on suspicion of illegal capture.

Juanma Castaño with two lobster specimens on suspicion of illegal capture.

The people in charge of the cooking contest never thought 'Masterchef' that his visit to A Coruña would serve so many controversies in a single cooked. The outdoor test took place in the city, where the celebrities had to replicate a 100% Galician menu devised by the Coruña chef Luis Veira, from the Árbore da Veira restaurant. However, the stoves not only burned some of the products but also the program due to the presence of anisakis in one of the hakes that they had to prepare, to the possible use of illegal shellfish Yet the Galician parody starring the jury that raised blisters among the spectators.

Possible use of illegal shellfish

One of the first to publicly warn of the possible use of lobsters caught roughly it was the sailor and popularizer Rogelio Santos. "I would like to know if the lumbrigantes do 'Masterchef' recorded in Galicia were recently Galician seafood and it was indeed with ova, and if so, it seems beautiful to them," he reflected in his social networks, in which he also echoed the protests of people in the sector: "Preparation of ovate species like the ones that appear in a frame ... no sei se this is a way to promote sustainable fishing", warns in another thread Milucho Louro, in which he also indicates with a circle the roe on the crustacean's tail.

The complaints immediately reached the Xunta, which confirms to this newspaper that it has opened an investigation: "The pertinent steps have been initiated to clarify what happened and take the appropriate measures according to the results obtained."

From the Consellería do Mar they recall that the regional regulations prohibit the "transshipment, landing, transport, storage, sale, exhibition or commercialization of females with crustacean roe, regardless of their size". This regulation establishes the obligation to return these specimens to the sea.

In addition, the regional department expresses its "disapproval of any act contrary to the sustainability of marine resources and misleading for consumers" and appeals to the "responsibility of all links in the marketing chain to guarantee the protection of resources and the consumer safety ".

Jordi Cruz's (half) apologies

Another highlight of a chaotic cooking was the parody on the Galician who starred in the jury of the program. As in every delivery, chefs Pepe Rodríguez and Jordi Cruz they undergo a game proposed by Samantha Vallejo-Nágera to choose the team to supervise. On this occasion, those responsible for the contest chose to use one of the products necessary for the menu as a thread: the barnacle. The businesswoman challenged the cooks to "sell" the crustacean as real barnacles. More than a nod to Galicia, the imitation of the Galician accent and language they perpetrated was offensive for a large part of the spectators, so much so that A Mesa Pola Linguistic Normalization promotes a boycott of TVE and 'Masterchef' next Monday in protest.

Jordi Cruz wanted to get out of the controversy with a lukewarm apology: "I I don't mean to apologize. I have so many friends, and I like Galicia so much, that it is not my intention. But if someone has felt attacked by our lack of knowing Galician and how badly we speak it, a thousand pardons, it was not our intention ".

The six Michelin Stars hide behind the fact that they simply made a fool of themselves: "We don't mess with the Galician, we make a fool of ourselves because we don't talk about it" [...] "If we have done a test and it has seemed ridiculous, it is our fault. We are ridiculous, absurd. We have done it fatal."


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