Morcuende: «The emissions in Las Manchas give us many problems»

As he explained, yesterday, the victims who wanted to go to the aforementioned space were allowed entry at 11:00 hours. Morcuende admitted that there are “delays every day” and these are due to the measurements carried out by professionals of the Military Emergency Unit (UME) and the commanders of this entity inform those who carry out the security controls: Civil Guard, National Police, General Corps of the Canary Police (CGPC) and Local police.

For Morcuende, such measures respond to a “problem of injury to people and we cannot afford it; That is the first objective of the Pevolca, we cannot risk it ». “The most important thing in the last 24 hours were the levels of gases in the southern area of ​​the wash (…)”, that is, in the area of ​​Las Manchas, said the spokesman at the beginning of his intervention. He noted that there were “very significant” concentrations of sulfur dioxide, which are “harmful to people.” And the same has happened in “many days” during the last two weeks, he noted. That is why he apologized to those who were made to wait until 11:00 yesterday to access. Along these lines, he recalled that EMU measurements are made on the ground and permanently. In addition, he clarified that the information offered by official means on air quality in inhabited areas is not the same as that available in evacuated areas. The worst levels of sulfur dioxide were detected in the early hours of Saturday in Tazacorte, between 2:00 and 4:00 hours, while at dawn yesterday they were seen in El Paso and Los Llanos de Aridane, between midnight and 3:00 hours.

The scientific spokesperson, Carmen Castro, commented that between noon on Saturday and Sunday, the lava covered eight more hectares of land, which already amounts to 1,058’22 those affected by the lava material. He confirmed that in the previous hours there had been three overflows of the lava lake located in the cone of the volcano. The wind from the south and west components drove the ash plume to the east, thus creating “an unfavorable scenario” for airport operations. That is, yesterday there were no air connections with La Palma and today it is expected that there will be none.

The most important earthquake was appreciated on Saturday afternoon, at 7:20 p.m., with a magnitude of 4.2 and 35 kilometers deep. The tremor remains low and the uplift detected Saturday at the station north of Jedey has already “reversed”. Regarding the emission plume, it continues with a “high emission”, between 7,000 and 18,000 tons per day. But even so, it continues its downward trend since September 23.

Neither get used to nor lower one’s guard before the volcano and seismic movements

Miguel Ángel Morcuende, technical spokesman for Pevolca, confirmed that “people” no longer participate as much with the National Geographic Institute (IGN) to report on those seismic movements they perceive and fill in the forms in which they are asked about how they have felt it , on which floor of the building they were or at what time, for example. Morcuende clarified that it is important to provide data, not only for statistics, but for scientists to better understand what is happening, as well as to determine future land use and to be able to do better planning. He also raised the importance of “not lowering your guard” or getting used to volcanic phenomena and earthquakes. “The first days we had our guard up,” and “getting used to it is bad for people’s health,” he warned. For this reason, Morcuende recalled advice such as the importance of not exercising outdoors in the Aridane Valley and wearing FFP2-type masks.

The number of citizens staying in the two hotels in Fuencaliente and Los Llanos is 503 at the moment, that is, 14 more than on Saturday. The latter are found in the Fuencaliente establishment. For now, the number of dependents who remain in social health centers of the Cabildo palmero remains at 43. | Pedro Fumero


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