October 26, 2020

Morbo in the round of the Australian Open: there will be a Nadal against Kyrgios

With the audience on, in favor of Kyrgios, and after a spectacular fight in which it has been one of the best matches in what we have been in the Australian Open, the bad boy on the circuit won over Khachanov (6-2, 7- 6 [7/5], 6-7 [6/8], 6-7 [7/9] and 7-6 [10/8]) in 4 hours and 26 minutes to win the right to play the round of 16 duel that everyone was waiting for: Nadal-Kyrgios.

This is the longest game in the history of the Australian player, who was somehow restrained in his match against Khachanov. Some gesture of his but little else, until he faced the chair judge when he called a “warning” for violation of time in the serve. The “aussie” was bleeding, threw the racket on the floor and argued with the referee, showing him the damaged hand a moment before, when he had thrown himself on the ground for a ball. Kyrgios had a match point in the third set and in the fourth, but he didn’t take it until the fifth. Almost two hours passed from the first match point until he won it. It was a cannonball duel, with 33 direct serves from the Australian, which has much more than the service: tremendous flat shots. Risk a lot, play all or nothing.

Kyrgios was restrained even in his statements about Nadal. Nothing to do with what happened before his last duel, in the past Wimbledon, where they had a little verbal engagement with Uncle Toni through. “It is an honor to play against one of the best in history,” he said this time about Rafa, who has a face-to-face with him of four victories for Spanish and three defeats. “You have good records with him,” he said Courier, the interviewer, and Kyrgios had the only hesitation in his words: “He also has a good one with me.”


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