Morata, facing the curse of Diego Costa | sports

Morata, facing the curse of Diego Costa | sports

After three intense weeks of negotiations to channel a very complex operation by the multitude of actors involved in it, Álvaro Morata (Madrid, 26) landed on Saturday night in Madrid and on Sunday passed a medical examination. The striker returns on loan until the summer of 2020 to what was his first home, the Atlético de Madrid. Getafe, Real Madrid, in two stages, Juventus and Chelsea have been their destinations since leaving the quarry rojiblanca with 15 years. "I started playing at Atleti and people who know where I come from know my story and what this means to me. The past is the past and it can not be changed and I am very proud of it, "Morata explained before the swirl of reporters waiting for him at the Barajas airport on Saturday.

That Higuain finished at Chelsea; Piatek in Milan; that Gelson Martins was loaned from the rojiblanco club to Monaco, as well as that probably the Wolverhampton is made in property with the rights of Jonny, were the necessary requirements so that this multiband transaction would be closed to which there are still some fringes. The main one is that Chelsea can recover Morata at the end of this course, as long as it is not to sell the player. If this case were given, at the same time Atlético could execute a purchase option, but at a high price. These terms are being refined between the parties, as well as the margins of days that would be in the windows of signings for a club or another to exercise their options.

As Diego Costa, Morata responds to the profile that best fits the ideal striker that Simeone has in his head to consolidate his desire for a vertical Athletic and kickback. A powerful forward striker with the ability to hold the ball and stretch the team when it retreats in its own field. Morata, in addition, beats Costa in the air game.

The injury history of the Spanish-Brazilian striker, his performance below expectations, and his confrontation with the club for the salary increase that he claims, he fired the red and white interest to bring him in this window of signings, Simeone already tried his hiring two seasons ago. A couple of months before, during the Champions League quarter-final against Madrid, Simeone already whispered to his brand new signing when he warmed up in the band: "Come with me next year".

Cholo now intends to equip the team with a player who makes Costa feel that she has competition. The age of this, 30 years, also causes that from the offices of the club Morata be seen as a future bet if they could finally exercise the purchase option. Sevilla and Barcelona also showed interest in hiring him. According to the player's environment, Barcelona ruled out knowing that Atletico also entered the bid for hiring him. Returning to Madrid, donning a shirt for which he always felt sympathy despite declaring Madrid, and the belief that he has more chances to play in Simeone's team than in Valverde's were the main reasons that pushed the player to a comeback in which the Argentine coach has been engaged for some time.

"He has conditions to play in the Simeone scheme. In the youth he played as a forward of reference, sometimes fell to the band, even as a flyer we also used him. He has sacrifice and can give goals to the team, but not only his own, he also creates spaces for others, "says Armando de la Morena, who trained him in the lower rojiblancas categories. Morata left the Academia rojiblanca on being blocked by Borja Bastón, who was outlined with his goals as the great jewel of the quarry.

Morata comes to tackle the problems that Simeone has had to fit a nine since Diego Costa himself left the club to sign for Chelsea in the summer of 2014. Mandzukic, Fernando Torres, Jackson Martinez, Vietto, Gameiro, Kalinic and own Costa have not been able to consolidate as reference strikers. Only Torres, when he had continuity, fit into a game system in which the speed and verticality predominate in attack and he recorded goalscoring figures over the ten goals.


In these years, Atlético has depended on the goalscoring ability of Antoine Griezmann. The Frenchman likes to play with a reference nine that allows him to play satellite throughout the attack front. Now you will have two to choose from.

For Morata, his signing for Atlético is also a challenge. Neither in its two stages in Real Madrid, nor in Juventus, nor in Chelsea reached the status of undisputed holder. This was never an obstacle to be an appetizing and valued piece of the market: it already has 151 million in transfers. The Juve bet for him paying 28 million euros when he was a residual player in the first team of Madrid and Florentino Perez paid 30 to return a year later. Chelsea, at the insistence of Antonio Conte, bought it in June 2017 for 80 million euros, in what seemed to be the final journey to a club in which to consolidate. In London, after a good start, the back problems he suffered cut his progression. For months, his day to day was a nightmare, from training to bed, with many trips to Germany to be infiltrated by injections that caused him severe pain. There were moments, in which I could not even drive because of the unbearable annoyances. Those ailments cost him the ownership and also his exclusion from the World Cup in Russia, in what has been one of his biggest disappointments of his career. Atlético is your chance to lift it.

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