Morant values ​​the “scientific rigor” in management on La Palma

The Minister of Science and Innovation, Diana Morant, greets the director of Pevolca, Miguel Ángel Morcuende, on a visit to La Palma.

The Minister of Science and Innovation, Diana Morant, has defended this Thursday the “scientific rigor” that is being applied in La Palma since the volcanic eruption in Cumbre Vieja because before a “drama of nature” you have to “react” with data and information.

“It has been done to perfection,” he told reporters after conducting a visit to the Forward Command Post and meet with the scientific community, highlighting that there have been no personal injuries and there are no victims to regret, something that is the “number one priority” in any emergency.

Morant has pointed out that the rash is “uncontrollable” because there are no means to “plug” the volcano or channel the runoff and despite this, he has indicated that it is “doing very well”, with an “exemplary” application of Pevolca and a great “coordination” between administrations and scientific centers.

Morant has pointed out that there are continuous meetings to be able to make the best decisions in the face of an “especially virulent” volcano, with a wash that has reached the sea, a width of three kilometers and two other flows that may also end up on the coast.

“No one can assure what will happen,” he indicated, stressing, however, that the management “is in the best hands”, in those of the scientists, for which he has sent a message of “tranquility” to the public because the eruption is being monitored at all times.

A “successful performance”

“Within the drama, we are certain that the best decisions are made,” he said, indicating that the case of La Palma is a “successful performance”.

He has pointed out that more than a hundred scientists work in the field – there were already before the eruption – who are active 24 hours a day, who “are sleeping little” but who must be “satisfied” by the work they are doing.

Morant also recalled that his ministry has already approved a first budget of 2.5 million to finance research projects on the island although “the solidarity of Spain is infinite” and economic resources will be enabled “everything necessary” to underpin the reconstruction of the island.

The objective, he stressed, is that “the island resurfaces from this drama and this tragedy” and science will be an “ally”.

Along these lines, he has defended the “public science system” that responds to the needs of citizens, highlighting, for example, the work carried out by various scientific ships of the State on the island’s coast – this Thursday he is going to visit the Ángeles Alvariño Ángeles Alvariño–.

Morant has commented that “after a decade of lack of investment”, the Ministry now has the “largest budget in history” for science and research and therefore, one of the shock plans is for Spanish scientists to have at their disposal “the best technology”.

Decentralization in the Canary Islands

In the specific case of the Canary Islands, he explained that there are “first-rate infrastructures” such as the Gran Telescopio de Canarias or who knows if the future Thirty Meter Telescope, which “hopefully is a reality”.

In addition, he has said that the “uniqueness” of the volcanic eruption places La Palma in a “place of special gaze” for the ministry, coinciding with the “vision of decentralizing” that the central government has so that all the country’s territories have “development opportunities.

He has said that his ministry is “very decentralized”, with research centers in all the autonomous communities, and that science “has to be a lever for change and reach every corner” you can all the territories of Spain “have the right to exploit” their potentialities “and the Canary Islands have many”.

Thus, it has not wanted to advance what centers the archipelago could have in a future decentralization – the president of the Canary Islands has requested the headquarters of the National Geographic Institute– Well, it is necessary to see “what he needs” but he has made it clear that the ministry has “will and total predisposition” to advance on that path.


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