Thu. Feb 20th, 2020

Morales’ party elects Luis Arce as candidate for president of Bolivia

Former Economy Minister Luis Arce was elected Sunday as the presidential candidate of the Movement for Socialism (MORE) for the May 3 elections in Bolivia by the more than 50 delegates who voted in the conference led by former President Evo Morales in Buenos Aires.

Former Foreign Minister David Choquehuanca will be his formula partner, Morales announced at a press conference in Buenos Aires.

The ex-president highlighted the “combination between city partners and country partners to continue this process of change”, detailing the fundamentals of the election of the candidate formula before the representatives gathered in a central hotel in the Argentine capital.

“That history is repeated, we need allies of the city, the countryside, other intellectuals with scientific knowledge of our time,” said Morales, who after resigning on November 10 to the Presidency, after what he considered a “coup d’etat,” He was a month isolated in Mexico and then requested refuge in Argentina.

The former president relied on the success of the formula voted by the representatives who came from all the departments of Bolivia to vote in Buenos Aires: “We will recover democracy, on May 3 we will win again in the first round of elections” .

“Don’t leave me,” Morales asked before the auditorium filled by the representatives of the MAS and members of the large Bolivian community in Argentina.

Bolivia will hold the elections after those of October 20 were annulled, in which Morales – who eventually resigned under pressure from the Armed Forces – obtained his fourth consecutive term, in the midst of allegations of fraud and after the Organization of American States affirmed that there were “malicious operations.”


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