March 6, 2021

Morales irritates the PSOE for withdrawing control of the OFGC for 24 hours

For 24 hours, with two decrees in successive days in between, Antonio Morales assumed these powers, which from the PSOE have been received as interference by the president in the areas controlled and managed by the Socialists by virtue of the government pact in the institution insular. In this case, Morales’ maneuver to remove Guacimara Medina from the board of trustees occurs when the Philharmonic Orchestra has different fronts open in the figure of its titular and artistic director, Karel Mark Chichon, with ongoing investigations for alleged workplace harassment.

In this sense, the president of the Cabildo, according to sources consulted, intended to interfere in the open investigation that affects Chichon after the lawsuit filed by the manager of the OFGC, Christian Roig, on the protection of the right to moral integrity, the right to honor and for moral harassment in the workplace.

The investigations into the Roig lawsuit, which has been in charge of management since July last year, have not been resolved, although the reports of the other two complaints of workplace harassment involving Karel Mark Chichon, those made by the production manager of the OFGC, Isabel Turienzo, and one of the musicians, have concluded that there is “sufficient evidence” of mobbing by the Gibraltarian director.

Guacimara Medina. | | LP / DLP

The actions of the president of the Cabildo have been aimed at dispensing with the services of the current manager, since he made the aforementioned lawsuit against Chichon. On the contrary, to date Antonio Morales has been against taking actions against the director, including removing him from office, arguing that there were ongoing investigations.

“Transitory and circumstantial”

The decree of last Thursday, in which Antonio Morales revoked the delegation of the Presidency of the Board of Trustees of the Canary Foundation OFGC to Guacimara Medina with “transitory and circumstantial nature”, was signed without the knowledge of the PSOE and of the affected party. A good part of the Socialist councilors found out yesterday once the second decree was published, which left it without effect.

The action of Antonio Morales, who happened to hold the presidency of the Board for one day, has once again strained relations in the government group in the Cabildo. The socialist group called on the president to back down with the decree in question.

With the resolution published yesterday, the presidency of the OFGC Foundation Board of Trustees is returned to Guacimara Medina, thus giving effect to a decree of October 8, 2019 that assigned the aforementioned position to the head of the Foundation to the counselor.

A decree cancels another on Thursday and returns powers to the counselor


The two decrees signed take place in a week in which the conclusions of a report by the Igualia company were communicated to the island institution, in which there were indications of workplace harassment by maestro Chichon towards one of the Orchestra’s musicians, who had filed a complaint. Said report transcended that same Thursday, and is the second received by the Cabildo that links the OFGC director with an alleged workplace harassment after referring to the Orchestra’s production manager, Isabel Turienzo.

In this regard, Ruymán Santana, spokesperson for Ciudadanos in the Cabildo, insisted yesterday on the fact that this second report also concluded that there was sufficient evidence of workplace harassment by Chichon towards a musician from the OFGC. “They are serious accusations, endorsed by reports made by external companies, specialized in this matter, which are objective and have also found these indications in two of the four complaints filed against Chichon.

In this context, and according to sources consulted, the counselor Guacimara Medina decided to convene the Executive Commission of the OFGC for a meeting this Monday, in which, given the latest events, the situation of Karel Mark Chichon would be analyzed. A meeting that could also motivate Morales’ decision.

The trigger

A circumstance in which Ruymán Santana, spokesman for Citizens in the Cabildo, repaired yesterday. This meeting “has probably been the trigger for the disagreements between Morales and the PSOE, since its celebration was announced on the same day that the revocation of Medina’s powers as president of the Board of Trustees took place.”

According to Santana, “we cannot allow the presidency of this Cabildo to continue to be handled with a whip, by force.” The spokesman for the orange formation stressed that it was the vice president of the Cabildo, the socialist Miguel Ángel Pérez del Pino (PSOE), who “has made President Morales back down” in this matter, which comes to demonstrate “that whoever defends and maintains in the OFGC’s address to Chichon is solely Antonio Morales ”.


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