Morales: "I keep a lot of futsal" | sports

Morales: "I keep a lot of futsal" | sports

The masque of prow of the Levant that this Saturday (13.00, beIN) visits the Bernabéu is José Luis Morales (Madrid, 1987), a centella. Discarded at 10 years by Real Madrid, Morales, dribbling footballer, is part of the players' body anonymous of the championship. In the Levant, after marveling in the Third Madrid, has become visible to the general public. He arrived late to the elite. Maybe that's why he runs so fast.

Question. Where is the Morales soccer player born?

Answer. In the street, in the park of San Isidro in Getafe and in the school. I am a street player, a school yard player. In the street school, in the park, you learn to play.

P. Did you never do athletics?

R. No, although I ran cross with the school. There was a weekend competition and I came to represent Getafe once. Yes I had a teacher who wanted me to join athletics but I preferred to play football.

P. Do you know how fast you run?

R. I have always run fast. According to the data that the technicians measure, I have reached 34.8 km / h.

P. Fast with and without the ball?

R. There are players who are more explosive when they have the ball on their feet. In my case with the ball and without the ball I'm pretty fast. I have that virtue for the cons and it's something that the team exploits.

P. Why did not any great school in Madrid capture it?

R. When I was little, soccer was fun and I liked to play in the street. What influenced the most was that I did not want to leave the team I was playing on because my friends were there.

P. At what age did you arrive at your first football school?

R. Al Brunete at 11 years old. Until then I played futsal. I went to play football because the coach of my friends saw me in a Christmas football tournament and told me if I wanted to play in the big field.

P. Did it also lead him to do some Real Madrid tests?

R. Exact. But they did not catch me. There were many children.

P. What did you learn in futsal that you use in football?

"I do not want to miss anything, everything happens very fast and it's hard to enjoy it, the train of my life passed and I took it with 24 years"

R. The cut, to make the last cut before finishing. For example against Betis I used it before hitting because I knew that the defender was going to throw himself to the ground. It is a very typical cut that is usually done in indoor football and I have always done it. I keep many things from that stage.

P. Did you arrive late to the elite?

R. I was in the Fuenlabrada in Tercera about to turn 24 years old. That year I joined the Levante for its subsidiary. They had gone to see another player and they signed me. I played in Third and Second B. I thought it was difficult to stay when they told me they were going to make me a record of the first team. I left on loan to Eibar and there we ascended to First. I returned and debuted with Levante at 27 years old in First.

P. Is that why it's going fast now?

R. I do not want to miss anything. Everything happens very fast and it's hard to enjoy it. When I was in Parla in Tercera before Fuenlabrada, I never considered being professional. I was just happy playing soccer. Then the train of my life passed and I took it with 24 years.

P. Why do they call him The Commander?

R. I put on my nickname and dressed in the locker room. In a game against Rayo at home I scored and celebrated with the military salute.

P. He is captain and a reference figure for the fans …

R. I appreciate being comfortable and I am grateful. The Levante bet for me and I will give it back with many years, making good games and keeping the team in First. My family is humble, has never had any luxuries, and my parents raised me to value everything they have given me here. The year of the descent I decided to stay. I feel loved and my love is reciprocal. It may sound weird but in these times when football has become a business I value the feeling that I am shown here every day.

"I see him with problems to make a goal, he's missing them, it shows Cristiano's absence"

P. Far from football, what does it do?

R. In the afternoon I watch series, now Game of Thrones, I spend time with my partner … normal life. Now I'm thinking if I study English. And I see mostly soccer.

P. What have you seen of Madrid?

R. I see him with problems to score. It is missing them stuck. It shows the absence of Cristiano because he has no one to make his goals, a lot. We do not go to the Bernabéu to be one more at your party. We are going to play one on one.

P. What has Paco López given to the team?

R. He gave us confidence when he arrived. We were afraid and with a lot of pressure in case we lost the category. We did not win anyone. He told us to take away our fear, that where you suffer is in real life. That we played without pressure. He transmitted his passion to us. It changed my position. He took me out of the band and put me on as a striker, although I am free to drop a band and move around the front of the attack.

P. Are they a team with good vibes?

R. We are a happy team. We have made a good wardrobe. Without union or joy, nothing is achieved. Both incumbents and substitutes know their role.

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