October 29, 2020

Morales explains why he has rejected an offer to play in China

After what Paco lopezcoach I raised, revealed that the attacker of 32 years He had rejected money for continuing in the Granota team, the Madrid footballer has spoken about it. Jose Luis Morales He has confirmed that he received an offer to play in China and has also told why he did not accept it.

According to José Luis Morales, he did not consider the option of going to China because he values ​​”much more to be comfortable in a place”Before money. Previously, in a virtual press conference, Paco López had pointed out in this regard: “When a player identifies as much with a club as Morales has done with Levante and with a city like Valencia, money is no longer a decisive factor because many other things weigh

In addition to talking about China’s offer, José Luis Morales has advocated for ending the competition

Levante captain, José Luis Morales, assured this Wednesday that he believes LaLiga should be ended, although he stressed that no situation should be forced that “jeopardize the health of any person“And bet por play in the open door because soccer “without the fan is not soccer

LaLiga must be played. We are in a new situation for everyone but I think it should be over. I do not see the need for LaLiga to force any situation that puts any person’s health at risk, whether it is played behind closed doors or open doors.“He indicated in a press conference offered” online “by Levante.

The Madrid footballer commented that “the most important thing is everyone’s health” and that “there are some institutions that must make the decisions”And was in favor of playing with fans in the event that the competition returns.

I am one of those who thinks that football without the fan is not football, they are part of this show and as all LaLiga and the Federation evolve they will make decisions to see how the season ends. All the measures that are being taken is for the good of all ”, he declared.

Morales explained that he is calm at home and that “the worst i’m carrying”Is the fact of being away from his parents and siblings, who live in Madrid. In addition, the player confessed that “i miss the ball“Because the confinement surprised him without a ball at home and he cannot”nor caress it

The Levante captain said that he maintains contact with the rest of his teammates via mobile and that he is calm for his own economic future and that of the entire club. “I understand that it may generate some concern, but I am calm because I am sure that the club is doing its best to resolve each of the situations of all the workers.“Settled.

Morales explained that they receive videos from the coaching staff and that they must comply with the routine set by the team’s physical trainer and that they must “work for when LaLiga arrives be in the best conditions“, Although he also trains the emotional aspect with the help of the club psychologist.

We need someone to give us a guideline to manage our minds. The psychologist is a person that I have used a lot during the time that he has been with us“He declared.


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