Monzn, mountain regional champion by winning the Subida a Betancuria – La Provincia

Monzn, mountain regional champion by winning the Subida a Betancuria - La Provincia

Signing full of victories and registering records in each of its participations, the Gran Canaria Luis Monzón revalida title in the DISA Mountain Championship of the Canary Islands. He does so after closing his participation with a new triumph. The satauteño prevailed in the sixth edition of the Ascent to Betancuria, test disputed this Saturday in Fuerteventura.

The Auto-Lacquer driver has been the great dominator of the regional contest, where he has had a strong rival, Enrique Cruz and his Porsche 911 GT3-AutoGas. This has had to comply with the subcampeonato, but fought until the last moment.

In the test of Fuerteventura, Luis Monzón premiered last year the powerful Audi R8 LMS. The 2017 season would end as the absolute champion. The satauteño revalidated the wound in 2018 on the same ramp where he beat his opponent Enrique Cruz.

The Santa Brígida marked his best record in the second sleeve official. It established the new record of the test in 3: 15,563. It went down like that in almost six seconds the brand that established the last edition: 3: 21,448. His other times in the climb to Betancuria were 3: 20.012 in training and 3: 16.972 in the first heat.

Enrique Cruz yielded 6.643 seconds with respect to the winner, when establishing as their best time a 3: 22,206. The Tenerife improved his chrono of the last edition, which was 3: 22.876, in 670 thousandths. The representative of DISA Copi Sport he was harmed for him accident suffered by the pilot Carlos Álvarez. It was with the saddle of this part of the asphalt and, at the direction of the route commissar, he chose to stop.

The curators they understood that I could have continued and they did not allow him I took the exit again. Luis Monzón saw the two cars parked on the right and the commissar, so slowed down Then continue without stopping until the goal, considering valid your time.

Enrique Cruz said that in the past Ascent to Tamaimo They told him I should have stopped when meeting another participant and It was what he did on this occasion, so he did not understand that he was not allowed to repeat the exit.

Yacora Betancor, with Opel Corsa GSI, completed the podium by obtaining the third place, proclaiming winner in class 2 and first of H 90 with a time of 4: 05.708. It exceeded in 1,951 seconds the fourth place, José Luis Duque, with BMW 325.

The fifth place fell on A. of San Rafael Sardinia, with Toyota Corolla, who set a time of 4.10.441. The winner of class R3 followed in the classification, Marcial Álvarez with Renault Clio -4: 14.521-.

They completed the nine classified Jordi García (Peugeot 106 Rally), seventh with 4: 26.300; Carmelo Díaz (Toyota Corolla 16v), eighth with 4: 35.131; Y Juan Tadeo (VW Golf GTI), ninth with 4: 47.166. The test was organized by the FuerteMotor club, which was supported by the Inter-Island Federation of Las Palmas.


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