Montserrat believes that Cospedal "is honored" to have left the Executive Committee

PP spokeswoman in Congress, Dolors Montserrat, said today that former party general secretary María Dolores de Cospedal "is honored to have left the Executive Committee for President Casado and the PP" and has insisted that "has always told the truth and has not lied. "

Montserrat, who met today with professionals from the health sector in Seville, told reporters that Cospedal "has always watched over the general interest and the interest of the PP.

When asked if she thinks she should leave her seat in Congress, Montserrat has indicated that she had "nothing more to say".

For his part, former Minister Juan Ignacio Zoido has considered that Cospedal "has always shown signs of defending the PP and will always do everything he considers best for the PP."

"I have seen her very calm because she has not done anything wrong," said Zoido, who recalled that she had already said that she had met with former commissioner Villarejo, unlike Justice Minister Dolores Delgado, who is "who has Lied and who has been part of a meal where the comments were of the tenor they were. "

He added that it is Delgado who has to leave the post of Minister of Justice.


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