Montoya, an impulsive and disorganized murderer

Montoya, an impulsive and disorganized murderer

From the initial moment, Laura's house was searched while Montoya's house and all her movements were monitored. In fact, on the 13th he is seen in the area and he is asked if he has seen a young woman from the village who has disappeared, to which he replied that he did not know her and that he did not even know that the house was inhabited. Montoya left the house with some objects that he was asked to show them. At that time, they ask the commander for the background of Montoya and he becomes the main suspect which they begin to watch in addition to the family he had in Cortedana. They detect the aggressor's car in this town too.

On Sunday the neighbors realize that they have observed that Montoya try to go on Thursday night to his house, he stands between the walls to avoid being seen, and when he sees a patrol car he leaves. The main suspect did not enter the house again. In addition, the researchers indicate On Thursday, he was seen in a health center in Cortedana suffering from a severe blow to the ribs. "We think it could be a struggle with Laura," they say. On Sunday, it was also recorded its passage through a gas station, at which time it already had a permanent surveillance for what was counted on reinforcements from Madrid monitoring experts.

Registration and detention

As for doubts as to why the Civil Guard did not enter the house on the day Bernardo Montoya was already considered a suspect, the UCO lieutenant colonel assured that from the first moment the investigation it was done with caution, because they did not know if he could keep her alive; preventing any management from putting their life at risk as well as moving it somewhere. "That I had kept her in the house was unlikely," the lieutenant colonel said. They assure that the girl was not in the house more than a few hours and that Montoya did not return to enter those days in the house.

A day after finding Laura Luelmo's lifeless body in the Campillo, she stops Montoya the next day when he, with his vehicle, first to the hospital -to go to the service, as the assailant confesses- is diverted by a path that goes into the field, at which point they decide to stop him before the possibility of losing his trail. In parallel was proceeding to the house where the purchase of Laura's supermarket with the ticket was found -where were the potatoes missing that he says he had eaten- and traces of his and Laura's blood are detected both in the floor like in the mop. "Laura was not in the house for a short time" since after the blow she was allegedly taken from the house to the spot. However, they emphasize that the mobile phone returns to the Campillo again where it destroys and removes the battery.

Personality of the aggressor

The Civil Guard defines Bernando Montoya as a person with a "high degree of impulsiveness", with a criminal record that leads him to have knowledge of the form of police action, disorganized and that does not premeditate his way of acting.


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