Montero points out that the technological fees will combat the "unfair competition" of Airbnb and Uber


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The budget negotiation of Government and Podemos seems to be on track. The Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, has confirmed that studies that the Tax Agency controls the variable capital investment companies (Sicav) instead of the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV), as anticipated by ABC. The minister has assured that this way she would return to the regime that was in 2005, in an interview with Antenna 3, after the pressure of Unidos Podemos, that wants to eliminate them.

The minister, in a row, appeared in the Senate in the Finance Committee where she pointed out that the Government does not contemplate an electoral advance nor to extend the Budgets, although in case the accounts do not come out, no elections will be called. Montero has described his fiscal plan in which he once again influenced the rate to the technological, which, among others, will affect "fundamentally the housing and transport sectors", perhaps in reference to Airbnb and Uber, which "do not pay adequately" and even enter "unfair competition".

He also pointed out that the increase in personal income tax that includes labor income will be articulated for the annual earnings of «140,000 to 150,000 euros per year or 10,000 euros a month "and that his intention is that the compresses and other goods for exclusively female use are considered" first need "to pay a super-reduced VAT of 4% instead of the reduced 10%. For this, it is necessary that Brussels allows it, since at this point the member states do not have tax competition.

Likewise, he pointed out in the interview that there is no intention to tax more the great fortunes and that there is no agreement to set a rate of 30% on income from the IRPF capital As requested by Podemos, although here the increase will also affect the income of more than 140,000 euros per year, he added. He also pointed out that the increase in labor income will be "progressive" and may introduce a new section.

Regarding the dividends of the subsidiaries abroad of Spanish companies, has indicated that they will be taxed «As in France or Germany»And has refused to go to collect one billion with this measure. "More I would like to," he has quipped in statements to journalists before entering the Senate committee.


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