Montero opens to agree with CC the gratuity of the buses and a tax reduction for La Palma

Montero opens to agree with CC the gratuity of the buses and a tax reduction for La Palma

Image of the meeting that CC deputies held last week with Minister Félix Bolaños / . C7

The Minister of Finance sees possible meeting points with the nationalists to increase the items linked to the REF

Loreto Gutierrez

The Minister of Finance,
Maria Jesus Monterowas willing yesterday to close a budget agreement with CC that improves the
Canary Islands financial record and add your two votes to the state accounts.

After the negotiation opened last week, for which the nationalists gave up presenting an amendment to the whole, Montero gave yesterday
one more step when expressing in the rostrum of Congress his will to
advance the dialogue to incorporate some of the main CC demands.

"These Budgets
meet the REFbut if you understand that there are items that lack funding, you have our
willingness to analyze», explained the minister in response to the intervention of the deputy of CC María Fernández.

The Minister of the Treasury also referred specifically to two of the claims that the nationalist formation has put on the table from the outset as a condition for giving its support to the state accounts: the
tax rebate residents of La Palma to mitigate the effects of the volcano and the extension of the
bonus of the buses up to 100% to match that of commuter trains on the peninsula.

“We know what are the elements that you have been suggesting to us to improve the
Canary situation in the Budgets, which have to do with the taxation of La Palma or with the free means of transport", explained Montero, "and I want to convey to you that we are
willing to talk on all these issues and I am convinced that we will find
meeting points», he added.

CC will keep the announced
abstention in the vote that today is going to allow the budget bill to be processed in Congress, but it leaves open the options to support it in the final vote if some of its demands for the archipelago are included.

"These Budgets have good things for the State as a whole but they forget the
Canary specificity", Fernandez pointed out "on the table there are documents that the Government is studying with a view to incorporating and that is the way forward," he added.

The nationalist deputy valued
positively that next year's state accounts "return to the most vulnerable citizens" the resources from the increase in collection and European funds, but expressed concern about "the continuous
oblivion of singular territories» and the risk that the necessary short-term aid subtracts resources from structural measures «that are not getting where they need to go», such as the minimum vital income.

For her part, the PSOE deputy Tamara Raya expressed her confidence that the dialogue between the CC and the Government would end in an agreement, although she defended that these Budgets are already
«the best in history» for the Canary Islands. "The meetings have gone well and the position of the PSOE_is to achieve the maximum consensus and improve what can be done," explained Raya, "but without forgetting that the
point it is very good, both in investments and capital transfers as well as in compliance with the REF» .

The socialist deputy stressed that these accounts raise the financial record of the islands
and 58% regarding the latest Rajoy Budgets and recalled that they incorporate many other
state-level measures from which canaries also benefit, such as the revaluation of pensions or scholarships.

For the non-attached deputy of the Mixed Group, Meri Pita, the PGE significantly increase the
social spending, but they have "a crack" in the 26% increase in Defense. Pita is not optimistic about the possibility that the Canary card will be improved.

"From now on the game of negotiation begins and we Canarian deputies have to try
reinforce the canaries», he explained, «but it will not be easy because to expand one item you have to subtract from another, and in addition the Government already has sufficient support to approve the bill with a
loose majority», Pita added.