Montero guarantees that the 2023 Budgets will include all the REF items

The Minister of the Presidency, Félix Bolaños, and the Canarian President, Ángel Víctor Torres, sealed the unblocking of the highway debt. / EFE

The Government definitively unlocks the 407 million of the road addendum and will pay another 238 in 2023 to pay off the outstanding debt

Loreto Gutierrez

The Minister of Finance,
Maria Jesus Monteroyesterday gave full guarantees to the President of the Government of the Canary Islands,
Angel Victor Torresthat the
State's general budgets (PGE) of 2023, whose bill will reach Congress in early October, will include the
whole of the financial items derived from the Economic and Tax Regime (REF), at least in the same amounts reflected in the 2022 accounts, without ruling out the possibility that some endowment may be updated.

This is how Montero explained it to Torres in the meeting that both held yesterday after the minister presented in Congress the
spending ceilingwithin the "ministerial tour" that between yesterday and today the Canarian president is carrying out in Madrid to close
pending issues with the state.

«The current Budgets for 2022 are without question the ones that most respect the concepts and endowment of the Economic and Fiscal Regime of recent years and that is
guaranteed also for the year 2023", Torres pointed out, "it is always good news for the Canary Islands that there are State Budgets and we must applaud if those Budgets
respect the REF», he added.

In this line, the Canarian president expressed his confidence that the Government of Sánchez manages to add a
large majority to carry out next year's State accounts, because he understands that if the current ones had to be extended it could mean "a decrease for the Canary Islands, in investment and even in application of the REF".

Although the ideal would be for all the items corresponding to the financial record of the Canary Islands to appear already included in the
bill that the Government will send to Congress, Torres assumes that some could be incorporated through amendments during the parliamentary process.

"The amendments are for that, to correct, add, replace, and that is up to the parliamentary groups," he explained, "but the Government of the Canary Islands is going to participate with
proposals and confronting documentation with the Government of Spain and we will obtain good Budgets”, he added.

The Canarian president also met yesterday with the Minister of the Presidency,
Felix Bolanoswith whom he sealed the definitive unlocking of the
407 million of the addendum to the highway agreement - prior approval of the Treasury - and the incorporation of other
238 million in the 2023 Budgets, to complete the payment of the state debt guaranteed by a Supreme Court ruling.

After failing to comply with several previously announced deadlines for the signing of the road addendum due to administrative issues, Torres preferred yesterday not to put a closed date on the signature, although he reiterated that the commitment of the state Executive is unequivocal. «
is solved with the Minister of Finance", he explained, "I dare to venture that in a maximum month it will be possible to sign, and in any case
within 2022, sure," he added.

During the meeting with Bolaños it was also confirmed that the Canary Islands will receive this year a total of
14 million of euros for
irrigation water, which is almost double the 8 million allocated so far. The increase will be approved at the meeting of the Council of Ministers next week, in which the payment to the Canary Islands of the
50 million euros included in the 2022 state accounts to deal with the arrival of migrants.

For his part, Minister Bolaños assured after the meeting -which was also attended by the Minister of Public Works, Transport and Housing, Sebastián Franquis- that "the commitment of the Government of Spain is
sign with the Canary Islands» and stressed that the visit of the Canarian president, whom he said is «very friendly but also very supportive of the interests of the Canary Islands», highlights the commitment of the central Executive and «the results obtained by the island government with its negotiations» , he added.