Montero does not rule out raising the SMI to 1,000 euros in 2020

Montero does not rule out raising the SMI to 1,000 euros in 2020

The Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, has not ruled out on Tuesday the possibility that the Minimum Interprofessional Salary (SMI) may rise to 1,000 euros in Spain in the year 2020, as promised in the summer by the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, and in line with what was agreed by the unions and the employers for the minimum wage of the agreement.

For now the Government plans to approve a royal decree to raise the SMI to 900 euros in 2019, although it plans to continue working in the social dialogue because the "demand" of trade unions to raise the minimum wage in collective agreements to 1,000 euros in 2020 "remains intact," said Montero told reporters after opening a seminar on the 40th anniversary of the Constitution, organized by the Institute of Fiscal Studies (IEF).

Montero has defended, after the announcement made by the French Government of Emmanuel Macron to raise to 1,498 euros the Minimum Wage after the protests of the 'yellow vests', which the proposal of the Spanish Executive to raise the SMI to 900 euros in 2019 was not something "out of reality"", but was" in tune "with the surrounding countries.

As well has referred to the "doomsayers" who warn that the rise could exclude employment, when it can be an "economic stimulus opportunity for consumption", and has underlined that before the rise of the SMI in France neither the international organizations nor "nobody" has taken "hands on the head".

In this line, he added that the Government of Sanchez proposes to approve by decree the rise of the SMI to 900 euros for next year and continue working in social dialogue, since the trade union organizations raised that the minimum wage could arrive, via of the collective agreement, at 1,000 euros in 2020, a claim that "remains intact."


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