December 3, 2020

Montero denies “pitfalls” in the negotiation of the Budgets and says that there will be an item for housing




The Government spokeswoman and Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, assured this Tuesday that there are no “stumbling blocks” in the negotiation of Budgets and has anticipated that the accounts will include endowment for the future housing law and an increase in the IPREM (Public Multiple Effects Income Indicator).

“I would not speak of pitfalls,” he said during the press conference after the Council of Ministers, while insisting that the Government’s intention is to approve the budget project, which is “practically finalized», This October.

This implies that there are still a few “days” to resolve “some pending fringe”The minister said after being asked about the disagreements between the two government parties regarding the incorporation of measures such as the increase in personal income tax for high incomes, the wealth tax or the IPREM, which has anticipated that it will go up.

According to the rent regulation, which would be one of the supposed pitfalls, Montero has indicated that the Ministry of Transport is working on the housing bill that will address this matter and that it will be this regulation that will embody the measures, although the accounts will include the items necessary to pay for “the first actions”.

In any case, the minister has celebrated the «Very high degree of consensus» achieved with United We Can regarding the measures included in the accounts and has been convinced that they will be settled with “a very important agreement.”

In addition, it has pointed out that this “decisive” week will hold an “intense dialogue” with political formations willing to negotiate and has shown its desire to achieve “unity” in the Congress of Deputies regarding the accounts.

Once the negotiation “agenda” of “the next few weeks” has been passed, the project will go to Congress for debate “between now and the end of the year”, with the aim of having new accounts in 2021 that will set “the course for the next few years.”

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