July 29, 2021

Montero completes the budget agreement with the PNV – The Province

Montero completes the budget agreement with the PNV - The Province

The Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, has assured this Tuesday that she is developing an "intense negotiation" to carry out theState's general budgetsfor 2019 and thus avoid the budget extension.

"We have already closed the agreement with Podemos, andnow we are closing the agreement with the PNV. I hope that, from there, all those who have not self-excluded reflect and try to talk for a while about what affects the daily life of citizens, "said the minister.

Montero, in statements to Onda Cero collected by Europa Press, did not want to talk about the aspirations of the PNV in this negotiation, but it has made it clear thatthe Basque quota "does not require modifications" currently.

"At this moment the most important thing for political formations is that we talk aboutissues relating to territorial investmentsor how to improve those commitments assumed by the PP two or three years ago and that have not yet been fulfilled, "said the minister.

As for the position of the Catalan nationalists, Montero has asked them to "reconsider" and sit down to negotiate the Budgets, although not only has he invited them to sit down and negotiate: also to PP and Citizens.

In this sense and before the warnings of the leader of Podemos,Pablo Iglesias, of the possible rupture of the budget agreement if it is negotiated with Citizens, the minister has indicated thatIt is "logical" that Iglesias wants the agreement to be respected, so Montero has guaranteed that the "skeleton and spirit" of the same will not be changed in the negotiation with other political formations.

"We make an invitation to all political formations, we invite them to sit at the table with their hands outstretched," the minister insisted, warning that if those who have to sit down "raise questions that suppose a self-exclusion", the Government will articulate measuresto reorient public accounts and improve the lives of citizens.

There will be measures although there is an extension

Thus, the minister explained, in case of budgetary extension, measures will be taken, as is already being done withthe anti-fraud plan and the tax on certain digital services, which have begun their processing regardless of what happens with the Budgets.

Montero hopes that both this tax and the plan to combat tax fraud will arouse broad parliamentary support and, in this regard, he recalled that the PP had already planned to implement this tax. The minister insisted thatlarge corporations have to pay more taxes than small and medium-sized companiesand has stressed that "the market, the competition and the Government's surveillance are sufficient guarantee" so that the digital tax is not passed on to the client.

The minister has rejected "the effect called or alert" that assumes taking for granted that affected digital companies or financial institutions in the case of the tax on mortgages will pass these taxes on citizens. "The Government will avoid using the means available to it to have repercussions on citizens," said Montero.

Asked why in Andalusia the mortgage tax was raised knowing that it is a payment that the citizens assumed then, the head of the Treasury has highlighted thatthe Andalusian Government was forced to use its normative and fiscal capacitybecause it is one of the communities with the lowest per capita financing.


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