March 4, 2021

Montero challenges the PSOE to reconvene and Lastra says he will call her to see himself this afternoon

This situation has been given after several interviews in the Cadena SER, in which both leaders have wanted to show the will of pact of their respective parties. First it has been Montero who has played down the failure of the meeting yesterday between Sanchez and Iglesias and has indicated that "after the storm comes the calm."

The leader of Podemos has said there will have to be a negotiation and her training will be "fully available". "For us it will not be, this afternoon we are fully available to sit," he stressed, indicating that the negotiation should be "comprehensive, without vetoes and without exclusions."

A few minutes later, Lastra in another interview responded to Montero's offer saying that he would call her to try to propitiate the meeting.

"As soon as I leave here I will call Irene Montero and if they are willing, this afternoon," Lastra replied to the offer of the number 'two' of Podemos.

On the will to negotiate, Lastra has insisted that the PSOE "will not be left" and that the problem "is not what the PSOE wants but what United We can". "The stumbling block is if we go to a government of cooperation or coalition," Lastra said, stressing that it will propose a programmatic agreement.

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