February 26, 2021

Montero believes that Madrid’s fiscal policy is “a disloyalty that must be corrected”



The Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, defended this Wednesday that in Madrid the «capital effect produces an increase in collection“That allows the Community of Madrid to lower taxes, and that this” policy of tax reduction forces the rest of the communities to follow this path so that comparative grievances are not generated, in a disloyalty that must be corrected with fiscal harmonization. “

“Spain is not Madrid, the PP of Madrid is not the PP of Spain,” stressed Montero, before the accusations of the popular deputy Javier Bas, who in the session of control of the Government in the Lower House has accused him of “attacking the fiscal autonomy of the autonomous communities ».

Montero has indicated that the president of the Xunta de Galicia, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, defends setting a «Maximum fork and minimums “in regional taxes and, in that sense, has asked the PP if this leader of his party” is allied with the independence movement.

In this sense, the popular deputy has charged against the agreement reached by the Government with ERC to set limits on bonuses and tax deductions such as Heritage -Madrid renounces to collect it by giving it 100% -: «The separatist victimhood directs its attack on the Community of Madrid because it is governed by the PP, “he said.

It also celebrated that this Community “triples the contribution that Catalonia makes to the solidarity fund”, that “neither Madrid nor the rest of the communities they are guilty of chaos in Catalonia», And that Madrid taxpayers« will not pay the ‘Rufián rate’ while the PP governs Madrid ».

“No autonomous community is going to decide on the future of another, in any direction”, stressed the head of the Treasury, who believes that the popular “offend” these administrations with these statements, arguing that “Madrid can lower taxes because it manages best”.

And it is that, in his opinion, this “obvious” argument that Madrid concentrates more than half of the largest companies in the country, that 52% of the companies have more than 50,000 workers and that the average income in this Community is 36,000 euros, compared to a national average of 22,600 euros. “Don’t you think that this has something to do with Madrid’s ability to lower taxes?” He asked.

Madrid Responds

The Minister of Finance of the Community of Madrid, Javier Fernández-Lasquetty, has assured this Wednesday that of every five euros collected from the regional government, only one “stays” to finance the Community of Madrid.

“In Madrid 84,000 million euros are collected per year for income taxes, VAT and special taxes that are distributed in part to the autonomous communities as regional financing. Here, in the Community of Madrid, 19,000 stay, the rest, 65,000 million euros, will finance the expenses of the state or other autonomous communities, “he said, in statements distributed to the media.

The Madrid councilor has thus reacted to the statements of the Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, about his tax policy, by ensuring that the “capital effect produces an increase in collection” that allows the Community to lower taxes, and that this “policy of tax reduction forces the rest of the communities to follow that path so that comparative grievances are not generated, in a disloyalty that must be corrected with fiscal harmonization.”

Lasquetty has maintained that the minister has made statements “completely false»In relation to the concentration of companies in the region, since it has ensured that the corporation tax, which is levied on companies, does not go to regional financing, but is kept in full by the State.

However, he has transferred that this situationIt is different in other regions such as Catalonia where “of every two euros raised, one remains to finance the Generalitat” and in the Basque Country that «with a euro that is collected, the Basque Government always keeps it».

Therefore, he has asked the minister “not to seek justifications”, since it is part of the Government’s attempt to give a “fiscal ax” to Madrid, something that he has described as “completely unacceptable.”

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