June 20, 2021

Montaner launches his first album dedicated to God and aimed at non-believers

Miami, May 31 (EFE) .- Almost 45 years have passed since Ricardo Montaner recorded his first song as a professional artist and, thanks to the confidence of having reached a point where he can make music “without thinking only about profits.” , has been given permission to address “the need” to release his first album dedicated to “the adoration and praise of Jesus Christ.”

This was explained by Montaner through a video call, in which he presented to the international press the album to which he has given the name “Faith”, aimed at those who “need to find or recover their own”.

“I owed God a record like that and I needed to do it. I felt that it was the moment, because we all need relief in these difficult times that we are living, especially those who have not approached the Father, or those who believed but moved away due to some circumstance of life, “said the singer-songwriter 63 years.

The cover letter for the album was “Amen”, the first single from the album, released on December 24 and whose video had to date almost 154 million views.

That song not only sets the tone for the production, which consists of 11 songs totally dedicated to God, but it shows how “Faith” is a totally familiar project. Montaner, his son-in-law Camilo, his sons Mau, Ricky and Evaluna, and friends of them, participated in the composition, collaborations and production.

All of them will present it live on June 12, in the first concert of the Montaner family in full, which will be broadcast digitally from the beautiful Los Altos de Chavón amphitheater in the Dominican Republic.

“There we will sing some songs of ‘Fe’ but also the boys will sing theirs and we will exchange songs as well. They will see me singing some of Camilo, Mau and Ricky singing some of mine and so on. It will be something very special, ”promises the artist, who reveals that this concert will be the beginning of the unscripted,“ reality ”-type series of the Montaner family’s life.

The process of composing the songs on “Fe” was “totally different from what I have followed on my previous albums,” explains the artist, who used to compose accompanied by a guitar or collaborators.

This time the songs came out spontaneously. “I recorded the melody on the phone while I was stopped at a traffic light,” says the artist.

His son Ricky and Camilo participated in the composition of five songs each. Many of the arrangements were made by the Venezuelan Yamil Marrufo.

The second single from the album, “Because God so wanted it”, a song about a love of years that had the collaboration of Juan Luis Guerra, was achieved thanks to “an act of self-confidence” on his part, since it was sent to him by suddenly to the Dominican artist, who has also been very vocal in his Christian faith.

The third, which accompanies the release of the album is “Estrellas en el piso”, whose video is being launched this afternoon as the spearhead for a series of “videos” that will be released every half hour as an audiovisual component of the project.

“They all have Marlene’s stamp,” Montaner highlights when talking about his wife, who directed the “Amen” video, among many others.

The production and instrumentation reveal a very well cared album, in which the dedication to sound modern and sophisticated is noted. Even the new version of “The glory of God”, sung by Evaluna Montaner accompanied by the Prague Symphony Orchestra, is a surprise even though it is the third time it has been presented to the public.


Raised in a Catholic family between Buenos Aires (Argentina) and the Venezuelan city of Maracaibo, Ricardo Montaner converted to Christianity more than two decades ago. His first religious song was “La gloria de Dios”, which he later recorded as a duet with his daughter Evaluna as part of “Frequent Traveler”, his 2012 album.

Then came “Su luz” in 2014, part of the album “Agradecido”, where for the first time he included compositions with his younger children Mau and Ricky.

For the rest of his artistic life, Montaner and his family have not been shy about their faith and in interviews, and more recently on social networks, they have been constant in talking about their beliefs. “We are like infiltrators in that medium in which these kinds of conversations are not common ”, acknowledges the artist.

“I did not make this album because I am Mr. Faith. I am as fragile as anyone,” says Montaner, who hopes that the songs serve as an evangelizing tool and “allow people to come closer to God and receive the same relief as me” .

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