Monserrat regrets that "the future of Spain is agreed in a prison"

Monserrat regrets that "the future of Spain is agreed in a prison"

The spokesperson of the PP in the Congress, Dolors Montserrat, who has closed today in Pamplona Popular Forums of the PP of Navarre, has lamented that "the future of Spain will be agreed in a prison" in reference to the visit of Pablo Iglesias to Oriol Junqueras in the prison of Lledoners.

This week, the popular spokesperson, Pablo Iglesias, the "economic vice president of Pedro Sánchez", went to a jail "to change the support for the budgets for prisoners".

For this reason, he has declared that the PSOE Executive is "the Government of shame, of disloyalty to all Spaniards", since "he is willing to sell our rights, our freedom to the nationalists, only to stay a few months more in the power".

"Agree with those who hate Spain and want to break Spain," he added, is "of an irresponsibility improper of a party that has been part of the European ideals."

In relation to Catalonia, he commented that he has recovered "a situation of certain normality", after months of "real madness", although he has reproached the attitude of Citizens, because "never ever a historic victory has served so little".

Citizens, he pointed out, "has not been firm, has been a coward, has perhaps betrayed the constitutionalists", because "he did not face the challenge of trying to form a government" and therefore there is now a president, Quim Torra, who is "the agitator de la kale borroka in Catalonia "and" blackmails Sánchez's erratic government ".

Monserrat has also alluded to the situation in Navarra, where "you have suffered terrorist harassment" and now there is "nationalist harassment", which "does not kill, but poisons the daily life of the Navarrese", with "cowardly silence and complicity of the socialists. "

"They want to impose Basque and ikurriña," said Monserrat, who has asserted that "independence and nationalism is insatiable, its only goal is to break Spain."

In this forum has also intervened the president of the PP in Catalonia, Xavier García Albiol, who has ensured that one of the great mistakes of the Transition was to transfer education to some autonomous communities, since they have used that competition with "disloyalty."

García Albiol has considered that nationalism "has been able to create a story based on fantasy, fictional scenarios, realities that do not fit the story" and lamented that the independence movement has managed to "reach scenarios that ten fifteen Years in Catalonia seemed impossible to produce. "

For its part, the president of the Valencian PP, Isabel Bonig, has assured that this autonomous community also "suffers nationalism" and has pointed out that, "if we do not plant a battle, they will win".

After the departure of the PP of the Valencian Government, "entered a nationalist government" and "very quickly," he said, began to intervene in the priority areas of all nationalisms in Spain: language and education, the media and "a whole control structure of society".

The president of the Basque PP, Alfonso Alonso, has also participated in this meeting, who has ensured that nationalisms always emerge as a reaction in "open societies"

Nationalisms, he said, aim to "build a world on false premises that have no ethics" and for that "parasitize differences, exploit and use" to promote "their areas of power."

The president of the PP in Navarre, Ana Beltrán, has said that her party "wants Basque", but has denounced that the Autonomous Community and other autonomies use the language as an instrument for "national construction".

The nationalisms, he underlined, pose "threats to the unity of Spain and the whole of society" and "more now when we have a Socialist at the head of the Government of Spain, Pedro Sanchez, who has entered the Government through the back door "


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