Monsanto appeals the sentence of $ 78 million for causing cancer with glyphosate

The multinational Monsanto has appealed in a court in California (USA) the guilty verdict that forces him to pay $ 78 million to a man who claimed that a product with the herbicide glyphosate of the company caused terminal cancer.

The initial sentence condemned Monsanto to pay 289 million dollars, but last month a judge reduced that amount to 78 million dollars (39 for damages and another 39 for exemplary punishment).

In a statement in the US media, Monsanto said that neither the verdict nor the sentence "are backed by evidence or by law."

The plaintiff, Dewayne Johnson, used Monsanto's Roundup herbicide, which contains the controversial glyphosate, on a frequent basis while working as a gardener in San Francisco and, according to him, it was the continued exposure to this product that caused cancer.

The jury found that the company did not correctly warn of the health risk that occurred when using this product with glyphosate, which he considered "a substantial factor" in the disease of Johnson, who is 46 years old and suffers from non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (a cancer in the lymphocytes of the blood).

The plaintiff's doctors said at the trial that Johnson has months to live.


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