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Monica Naranjo confesses what famous he proposed to make a trio

‘Viva la vida’: Mónica Naranjo confiesa qué famoso le propuso hacer un trío

Monica Naranjo He went to this Sunday
Live life
to promote his new program,
Monica and the Sex
. For this he had an extensive interview with Emma García where tension, knowledge to one's own and humor were very present. Even the singer confessed what famous he proposed to make a trio with his wife.

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Everything started with an avalanche of statements from the singer about the filming of her new program on sexual themes. There he acknowledged that even before the recording he had not experimented with vibrators but now he has "A full box" for brand new. "I'm hoping to find the right person," Naranjo acknowledged.

"I'm imagining you with your husband"

In fact throughout this shoot has realized that although she believed to be "the queen of sex", he really had much to discover. Because did not hesitate to take female viagra, apply stimulating gels or a "microphone in the pubis"That, indeed, took effect.

These have been several of the moments of an interview marked by the curiosity of the singer and presenter for the sexual life of Emma García. "I have a very wicked mind and I am imagining what is yours with your husband ", Naranjo pointed. "Are not you getting horny thinking ...?" Garcia answered, questioning her whether with her husband or with her. "Contigo", sentenced the artist.

"Corbacho and his wife offered me a threesome

At that point came the curiosity of the director of the program, who wanted to influence Monica Naranjo's relationships with women. "In a process of any human being to know himself really well, we have to look for and experiment", Naranjo started, pointing out that "relations with women have been very nice " but they ended up being "special friends".

And precisely his relationship with José Corbacho could have been more special if Naranjo had accepted his proposal. "You know that Corbacho and his wife offered me a trio. ", confessed the presenter of Monica and sex. At that time he said no and has never come to try it. Although, perhaps, after the filming of the program has changed his mind.

Mónica Naranjo goes to 'Viva la vida'.

Mónica Naranjo goes to 'Viva la vida'.

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