Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

Monica Naranjo clarifies the controversy for the trio that supposedly proposed Jose Corbacho

Mónica Naranjo aclara la polémica por el trío que supuestamente le propuso José Corbacho

Just a couple of days ago since social networks were 'set on fire' by some controversial confessions of Monica Naranjo to Emma García in 'Viva la vida', among which she affirmed that José Corbacho and his wife had proposed to him to make a trio.

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After some subsequent declarations of the humorist denying that version, the singer has decided settle the matter once and for all.

"What we have bundled Corbi ..." has written Naranjo in his Instagram account, after what he has assured "what for us is a game and one joke has taken a size that could annoy someone who has nothing to do with our show business ... and nothing else far from my intention"

Although now it is confirmed that everything was a 'deception' during the 'Monica and sex' promotion, the new program of the singer who will attend his own Corbacho, Boris Izaguirre or Ana Milan, the Catalan wanted to point out that "when you see the program everything will be understood", Since from the beginning it was" simply a game "with Corbacho in which" his wife Monica had nothing to do ".

"I have known few couples who love each other so much, from mutual respect and admiration, like José and Mónica (...) A thousand pardons to both of them. I love you very much, "concluded Monica Naranjo, who has subsequently received numerous support comments.

Among the most prominent were the one of the presenter of 'Viva la vida' Emma García, who started the whole "joke", and the one of the 'involved' José Corbacho, who added in a humorous way: "they forget what Calderón said: 'that all life is GAME and GAMES, GAMES are'", in reference to the famous quote from The life is dream.

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