Mónica López, after Iglesias' criticism of RTVE: "If they all hit us, we will be doing something right"

Mónica López and Pablo Iglesias.

Mónica López and Pablo Iglesias.

Monica Lopez He has once again starred in a tense disagreement with one of his guests. Just one day after Toni Cantó question neutrality TVE from the set of 'The Hour of the 1', Pablo Iglesias has denounced that public television is part of "a whitening dynamics of the far right that is being given by many media ".

After the presenter asked about the altercations that occurred at the Vox event in Vallecas, the candidate of United We Can to the elections of the Community of Madrid has affirmed that the extreme right had the objective of causing these incidents: "As they did not succeed, Santiago Abascal says 'we are going to get them' from the rostrum and breaks the police cordon with his thugs. The police themselves accuse him of initiating the first charge."

"Fascism is not a respectable option, machismo is not a respectable option ...", added Iglesias, who has noticed that López was outlining a smile: "Even if you smile, Monica, racism is not a respectable option". The presenter has tried to explain the reason why she was smiling, but Iglesias has continued with her intervention.

"I think the whitening of those who openly claim the governments of the dictatorship or the whitening of those who openly apologize for terrorism, because Vox makes an apology for the terrorism of the LAGs openly in parliamentary headquartersIt is very dangerous for our democracy, "said the former Vice President of the Government.

"I know that they are going to burst me for saying this on television, but I think, even if you smile, that it is the truth," he concluded to let the communicator explain herself. "Do you know why I smile? Because yesterday Toni Cantó was in that chair also stoking Spanish Television, public television. And of course, I smile because I think that if we all get hit, it will be that we are doing something right. He smiled simply because of that, "he defended.

Iglesias and López clash over the unions

The words of Mónica López have not convinced Pablo Iglesias and the tension between the two has increased when the guest has put on the table the issue of unions: "Workers Commissions has denounced how the news and Spanish television programs are working, the workers of this house. "

"We politicians have to have the capacity for self-criticism, but if CCOO denounces some things that are being done here and that are unpresentable ... I think that a little self-criticism must also be had. Because this television is paid by all citizens," he has Iglesias pointed out, who has also commented that public radio and television "It is not from a right-wing man, like private televisions". "If the house workers themselves are saying that this is not acting as a public service should act, perhaps self-criticism would not hurt," he maintained.

López: "All the parties say the same thing"

The host of 'La Hora de La 1' has referred to her previous argument to respond to Iglesias: "I understand that you tell me that you have to do self-criticism, of course. I simply told him that I find it curious that all political parties tell us the same thing.. If all the political parties complain to us ... I find it curious. "

"And why are the workers in this house complaining?" Iglesias insisted before López, who has avoided the question: "Ask the Workers' Commissions. They are unions ...". "Are unions very wrong? Is it wrong for people to organize into unions?", the leader of the purple formation has re-asked.

"No, of course. But do they always have the absolute truth?" López replied before Iglesias settled this issue: "No, but they represent the workers because if there were no unions to represent the workers they would not be able to defend their rights. The only thing missing was to question the right of workers to organize in unions".


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