May 16, 2021

'Mongolia on ice' opens in Valencia in a theater in full | Culture

'Mongolia on ice' opens in Valencia in a theater in full | Culture

The actors Edu Galán and Darío Adanti, responsible for the magazine Mongolia, they played last night at the La Rambleta theater in Valencia before a whole theater. The insults and threats of escraches launched on social networks by right-wing supporters against their latest show of humor Mongolia on ice, they have not managed to cancel the representation last night. "Not pass. Mongolia it does not give up ", they have chanted at the end of the public function and actors amid the applause.

The two actors have thanked everyone "for defending us". "We are fed up with threats from far-right groups of the public and the workers of satirical shows that they have to put their physical integrity in danger." We are tired of the National Police having to come to protect public, workers and artists in a representation theatrical by intolerant and fanatical ", have read by way of manifest without forgetting of the show by Dani Mateo that had to be suspended in November, also in Valencia, for the same threats.

In a theater guarded by several police vans and with controls at the entrance of the premises -was the commitment of the Government Delegation with those responsible for the cultural center-, the duo has displayed a scathing and irreverent spectacle. "One is where he pays taxes, that's why patriots pay taxes in Panama," Galán said, addressing the public. Flags, hymns and nationalisms of all kinds have become the target of the satire of Mongolia.

In the beginning, the actors have made some veiled allusion to the threats of escrache to Show: "What a favor they have given us", they commented looking at the stalls, which was practically full. And already involved in the show, on the screen installed on the stage, has been projected an image of the aggressions and altercations that staged in 2017 ultra groups on 9 October, Day of the Valencian Community, against nationalist demonstrators: "Slag scum …", They have said.

The spectacle, which has developed smoothly, has been attended by two of the councilors of the Valencian municipal government, Glòria Tello and María Oliver, who have supported the cultural space with their presence, which canceled the work for a few hours to later maintain it.

The Minister of Culture, José Guirao, who visited the Valencian capital on Saturday, made a dent in his agenda to meet with the two actors hours before the show and show their support. "We must preserve the space of humor and creation and we can not tolerate threats," the minister had defended only a few hours earlier during his visit to a museum in the capital. According to Guirao, freedom must be defended "against all odds and wait and not be repeated [este tipo de amenazas]"For that," he added, "it is important that society, not just the Administration, express its rejection of these intolerable acts in a democratic country."


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