Monegal's critique | Buenafuente's gang seeks employment destination

To the program Good source 'Late Motiv' he has four 'newscasts' left. Next Thursday the 23rd will be his last appearance in Movistar +. And of course, the collaborators are eagerly exploring the state racecourse in search of a refuge where they can continue working. I have always considered that the collaborators of 'Late Motiv' have been the soul of this program. Buenafuente's monologues stopped interesting me a long time ago. Always pointing his sarcasm in a certain direction, he has kept silent, or looked the other way, about everything that could compromise his audiovisual business in the Catalan sphere. But the good eye, the smell, the wisdom that Buenafuente has had in choosing the team that has nurtured his program has been unquestionable. Is elite of great philosophers of humor that make up Javier Coronas, Berto, Luis Maldonado, Laura Márquez, Bob Pop, Raúl Cimas ... or the cartoon Raúl Pérez, have been the backbone. These links deserve to continue to be on a screen. And I am not saying it for them only, but above all for the audience, for us, so in need of that ingenious elixir, sharp and penetrating, that they know how to provide us with.

The members of the excellent musical combo of 'Late Motiv' are also concerned. Live music, on a set, today is almost a rarity. That is why the great Pablo Novoa said: "As this is over, we are going to take advantage of it to ask for work in other programs." And they did it by first sending a musical message to TVE, interpreting the tune of 'Informe weekly'. Ah! Buenafuente's reaction was strange. He told them, mocking: "Yes, yes, these are the perfect TVE moments to hire you!", That is, get it out of your head, you fools. Man, this contempt is rare when it has been known that Buenafuente himself is pulling strings to produce programs on TVE-Sant Cugat. But seen the jug of cold water on TVE, Novoa, with a Galician retreat, pointed out: "We have another idea of ​​a lot of prestige, of a high level", and they began to interpret the tune of 'Sálvame', warning the priceless trumpeter 'Pirata:" We would very much like to work on' Sálvame '. They have a snack and eat there every day! "Ah! That's exactly true, yes sir. At T-5. If you play the score they want, eating with two cheeks is guaranteed.


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