Monegal's criticism: The lies that matter, Julián Muñoz and Villarejo

I have always said that T-5 and TV-3 they have an operation, a mechanics of operation, very similar. Although the porridge they expand is very different, the way of cooking it is almost identical. Both channels have placed this week their cameras, their programs, all their television machinery, at the service and attention of two elements. The Tele 5 character has been Julian Munoz. The one from TV-3, ex-commissioner Villarejo. Both of them are up to their necks in corruption: Muñoz for the 'Malaya case', and Villarejo for the 'Tandem case'. The two are characterized by being top notch liars. Rather than declare, they evacuate with a ventilator.

Tele 5 has built a 'docushow' for Muñoz by chapters, under the title 'It is not the hour of revenge, it is the hour of truth'. The former mayor of Marbella was presented in the first installment as a victim of Isabel Pantoja. He recited a very well prepared script in which he confessed that his only sin was out of pure love for her. "La Pantoja, more than an obsession, was an addiction». Ah! We were very sorry. And even more so when he said that when his money ran out, La Pantoja also ran out. Muñoz opened his arms, like Jesus Christ nailed to the cross for the tonadillera It seems evident that his intention is use the TV to wash the image. And the intention of Tele 5 is to allow it by putting cameras, scriptwriters and prime time, to try to win 'Your face sounds to me' on Antena 3.

Villarejo on TV-3 has also been glorious. His evacuation in the National High Court with that infamous link between the 17-A attack and the CNI ("giving Catalonia a little scare (...) but it got out of hand") has not achieved attention in the big chains. They have considered that it is another of their usual lies and pettiness, without any evidence provided, and to divert attention. On TV-3 it has been different: they have dedicated 'Telenoties' openings to it, and extensive coverage on various programs. Nor it is reprehensible that TV-3 believes Villarejo, and give you clue and visibility, boosting what you say to turn on the audience. The suspicious thing is that when Villarejo also recounted the monetary crimes of the 'Pujol's family', that, on TV-3, was not given credit. They didn't flood their programs with that evacuation. Are lies. oh! What a journalism lesson :lThe lies that matter, and those that don't.


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