Monegal's criticism: Noise is interesting, not words or tenderness

After being fired so unfairly, she returns Mary Married to TVE-1. come back with Antonio Banderas, the person who opened his arms to him and made room for him in his Malaga cultural projects. He returns with the program 'The three doors', a place where he wants to recover the value of the word, knowing how to listen, enjoying a look, or the importance of silence. "Love you very much", Told him Mary to Anthony, at the end of your interview. Y Anthony I answer: “I also love you very much, but above all, I care about you!”

oh! We already knew that this would not be 'successful', in the way that 'success' is understood on TV today. Barely 6.4% screen share. People no longer go to TV looking for cuteness. Nor of words. Nor the depth of a silence. TV has accustomed us to soda and cannibalism. And I wonder again if we have to continue measuring public television with the same yardstick as private ones. If so, dedicate yourself to putting on a 'reality show' and a barbecue in the garden every day. I liked the interview with Flags. He remembered his beginnings in Hollywood. “You have dark hair and black eyes. I mean, you're Latino. Therefore you will always play the 'bad guy' in the movies." one of those who run the Hollywood racket told him. Y Flags concluded: "After a few years I starred in a movie in which I came out with a cape and a sword (El Zorro) and I was the good guy. The bad guy was blonde with blue eyes." Maybe something has changed there, but maybe your case is just the exception. He also told the blow that his infarction, his heart attack, meant for him. "It was a slap that made me react. I was in a loop, I shot seven 'films' a year. He was riding a horse called adrenaline." oh! Adrenaline is a tricky hormone. It doesn't help to be happy. That same night another guest, Dr. mario alonso puig He told her about oxytocin. That is a good hormone. Provides happiness, cordiality, harmony.

Flags and the doctor Alonso have fulfilled what Mary intended. The other two guests Carmen Posadas Y Nathy Peluso, Not that much. The interest of this program will reside in finding people – famous or not – whose word deserves to be heard. In other words, they have something to say. Do not worry Mary for audience measurement. They will not dare to move it to La 2. Although it is not a bad place: there the word and silence also shine.

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