Monegal's criticism: Bad blood, Goya, and Esperanza Aguirre

Monegal's criticism: Bad blood, Goya, and Esperanza Aguirre

brother-in-law of Hope Aguirrethe aristocrat Inigo Ramirez de HaroMarquis of Cazaza of Africa, has sat down with Andrea Robero ('El intermedia', La Sexta) and has told him why he has just published a book with the tremendous title 'Bad blood'. He has told her that he refers to his brother, FerdinandCount of Bornos and Murillo, and his wife, the Countess consort Hope Aguirre.

It has been forceful: he accuses them of having polished the family's Goya painting, of having sold it in an irregular, opaque and crooked way, without fulfilling the required requirements as it is artistic heritage, and what is worse, that they have not distributed or one euro to the family. He also insinuates that there has been possible fraud in the transaction: the Sotheby's auction house valued it at eight million euros, «and they say that they have sold it for five and a half to Villar Mir».

And added: "My brother would never have been able to sell that painting if his wife had not been the president of the Community of Madrid." In other words, it denounces rackets and defrauding martingales under the corrupt umbrella of those who use public office to twist the laws to their liking. oh! This matter of the Goya sold by Hope Aguirre and her husband has been running around the courts for some time, and will surely end up in the Supreme Court. He is a very interesting soap opera. The lady did not count Aguirre so that his brother-in-law, as an aristocrat, is heterodox and extremely rare. He has a very attractive resume. He is an aeronautical engineer, a graduate in philology, a diplomat, a writer and a playwright. As a theater man he has been assistant director at the Mary Warrior and the Spanish Theater of Madrid. As an author he has a piece, considered cursed, entitled 'I shit on God and other shit' edited by the small and nice publishing house La avispa. As a diplomat – in New York and Belgrade – he denounced in 2015 the minister Garcia-Margallo for having dismissed him: «He uses methods of the Inquisition against me (...) It turns out that to be an ambassador you have to go to communion every day».

oh! This brother-in-law has become an uncomfortable stone in Mrs. Aguirre and her husband. She was telling Andrew, speaking of aristocrats: “The aristocracy is ruled by blood. It's a sect». Perhaps that is why he has written 'Bad Blood'. Perhaps he hopes that it will act as dialysis and purify the corrupt bloodstream of his own family.

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