Monedero denounces in the National Court that García Castellón orchestrates an "artificial" case against him

Monedero denounces in the National Court that García Castellón orchestrates an "artificial" case against him

The founder of Podemos Juan Carlos Monedero has filed an appeal before the Criminal Chamber of the National High Court against the new case that Judge Manuel García Castellón has opened against him. According to Monedero's defense, this new case is nothing more than "an extension, in a completely artificial way" of the one that the same judge secretly opened about a year ago as a result of the statements with which the former Venezuelan general Hugo ' El Pollo' Carvajal intended to delay his extradition to the United States, according to the Criminal Chamber of the National Court itself.

Two years of García Castellón against Podemos: nine suspects, no accused

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In July, before going on vacation, García Castellón agreed to open a case to investigate or for alleged crimes of money laundering and false documents after having failed in the secret and "prospective" cause for the alleged irregular financing of trainingin which he also persecuted the politician and other founders of Podemos without even attributing them the status of defendants, as the Prosecutor's Office and the higher instance reproached the judge of the National Court.

Monedero's lawyer affirms in his brief, to which has had access, that García Castellón resorts to "suspicion, conjecture and assumptions that lack an objective basis, and that in no case can they be understood as authentic evidence of crimes with respect to which it is intended to investigate”.

García Castellón is now focusing on some transfers between the Monedero company, Caja de Resistencia Motiva 2 Producciones SL, with the company VIU Europa and Banco del Alba for the preparation of an advisory report on the financial spheres of the Alba countries.

In an order, the magistrate explained in June that the Criminal Chamber, in the resolution ordering him to file the secret and "prospective" investigation, indicated that if the court deemed it appropriate, it should deduce testimony for the investigation of economic crimes and falsehoods. The magistrate resorts to this, once again taking into account the statements of former Venezuelan general Hugo, 'El Pollo', Carvajal, whose testimony was disregarded by the Prosecutor's Office and the Criminal Chamber.

In this sense, Monedero's defense accuses the judge of acting "in clear rebellion" after the Third Section of the Criminal Chamber agreed to file the first proceedings, with the ultimate goal of investigating the financing of Podemos through the analysis of “dozens of accounts” that he assures are owned by the founder of Podemos. Monedero defends that he only has two accounts open at Triodos Bank, of which he offered a screenshot on his Twitter account, and not the 93 attributed to him by the UDEF. Monedero has also provided the banking documentation certifying these accounts.

The UDEF, in the judicial order of García Castellón says that I have 86 accounts in Triodos. 86. I have two. One savings and one current. The UDEF lies again. Who works there? Was it so difficult for the judge to have verified it before indicting me? Slander that something remains. He is a judge.

– Juan Carlos Monedero (@MonederoJC) July 28, 2022

In the letter, Monedero emphasizes that what García Castellón is trying to track down has already been done by the Court of Auditors and the Court of Instruction number 45 of Madrid. This last file the complaint filed by the pseudo-union Clean Hands in 2015. On the other hand, he adds, the financial investigation that García Castellón intends to carry out was already carried out by the Court of Auditors without detecting any irregularity in the audited exercises, he concludes.

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