Monedero denies having charged a commission from Neurona and dissociates himself from Podemos’s contract with the consultancy

The co-founder of Podemos Juan Carlos Monedero has denied this Monday in his statement as a defendant before Judge Juan José Escalonilla having collected a commission from Neurona Consulting, the Mexican parent company of the consultancy that Podemos later hired for the elections of April 28, 2019. The former leader has also dissociated himself from that contract, which constitutes the center of the investigation carried out by the judge, doubting that it corresponds to services actually provided. To questions from the judge and the Prosecutor’s Office – he has not responded to popular accusations – he has insisted that he never mediated for the political formation to hire the consultant for 28-A.

The judge of the 'Neurona case' imputes Juan Carlos Monedero

The judge of the ‘Neurona case’ imputes Juan Carlos Monedero

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In addition, first thing in the morning he has provided the court with documentation to justify the legality of the invoice that has motivated his accusation when the judge suspects that it could be created ‘ad hoc’ to justify the collection of 26,200.31 euros from Neurona Consulting , according to a report by the UDEF. Monedero has affirmed that he did these consulting work and has provided airline tickets that would prove that he traveled to Latin America to perform those services and emails that would justify that the invoice was made before the financial institution claimed it after receiving the money in your bank account. Sources familiar with the content of the statement have confirmed that the former leader has recognized “errors” when drawing up that invoice that he has attributed to his inexperience in the matter.

Purse, which was named last summer director of the 25M Institute, the Podemos foundation, has assured that the documentation that he has provided this Monday “invalidates the entire argument of the UDEF” and has framed his statement in the “legal war” against training. “It seems that there is a will that the people of Podemos are accused of what we call legal warfare, lawfare. If someone thinks that they are going to scare us, they are radically wrong. This political force was born from the streets, on March 15, and it is not afraid of bankers, powerful or vulture funds, nor of those who right now are owners of the media, “he said upon leaving the court.

The popular accusations made by the far-right party Vox and Prolege have not been able to analyze the documentation provided. In his opinion, this movement is a “maneuver” of the former leader because they have not been able to examine those papers prior to the declaration, so they are considering asking to be summoned again to account for that documentation.


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