May 12, 2021

'Mondo Sonoro' celebrates 25 years with special programming | Culture

'Mondo Sonoro' celebrates 25 years with special programming | Culture

Mondo Sonoro He has been on the street for 25 years. The music magazine, which started as a fanzine, has become a benchmark for the sector thanks to "its commitment to national groups and emerging bands," defends its editor, Joan S. Luna. To celebrate, they have prepared a year of shows, exhibitions and album releases. The program has been presented this Friday at the International Tourism Fair (Fitur) held in Madrid, where they start this Friday with a series of concerts.

During the five days of the fair, Mondo Sonoro He is broadcasting interviews with representatives of the music sector on his website. This Friday and Saturday they have also scheduled a series of concerts with emerging bands like The Crab Apples, Siloé, Cris Méndez or Sweet Barrio.

The music reaches Fitur

The tourism fair has premiered this year the edition FITUR is music. This industry billed 269.2 million euros in 2017 (last available annual data), according to the Association of Musical Promoters. It was 20.6% more than the previous year and a historical record. Festivals have adhered to the tourist engine, boosting the offer, promoters and festivals have their own space this edition.

Fitur is the starting point of the festivities, which jump to the Barceló Theater in Madrid, on March 14, with a Demoscópica party. The magazine has been organizing this kind of one night festival in which they give the stage to groups of promise for two decades. Later, coinciding with the Record Store Day (April 13), they will publish a double vinyl with some of the most important themes for the national music of the last quarter of the century, as Devil came to me, of Dover, or I have a deal, of Mala Rodríguez

The publication also wanted to get closer to its regional editions (Euskadi, Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria, Aragón and Valencia) by moving part of the programmed activities there. Thus, the commemorative vinyl will be presented at the Fair of Discs and Independent Stamps of A Coruña and other cities will host concerts. For now they have only revealed one appointment: on May 16 in Barcelona.

The second part of the year is completed with two photographic exhibitions, the publication of a catalog book with intimate interviews with 25 artists and a few days of debate about the future of music in Madrid. To conclude, they are organizing a party in November at the Riviera Room, in Madrid, with "concerts marked by eclecticism".

This style is what has accompanied the magazine since its founding. "At the beginning this was a little bit in our face, but with the passage of time I think it has played in our favor. With the boom of internet, people started listening to music like us, mixing everything, they can listen to the new album of Muse and at two hours be with Rosalía ", Luna appreciates.

The editor-in-chief points out that this way of understanding music is a common denominator in all its editors. "Those of us who are part of this are people who have grown up as fans of music, we have a popular view of it, we like that concerts are filled with the public and that our favorite groups succeed, we escape the elitism that sometimes It is associated with musical criticism and that is what is transmitted in the pages of the magazine and with the passage of time we have managed to maintain it, "he says.


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