Monday nights are wonderful again

Eloísa González and the team from Suelta el Mando Factoría Audiovisual return to Televisión Canaria with renewed energy and ready to repeat the success of the first season of ‘Gente Maravillosa’. The program burst onto the regional grid in October 2020 with an 11.4% share, thus becoming the best premiere of a television format since 2014, bringing together more than 100,000 viewers. His first season achieved the best audience result in the last 9 years of Televisión Canaria. The new installments promise to re-engage the audience with unpublished hidden cameras that will recreate, as always, real situations in which people or vulnerable sectors of society suffer unfair or discriminatory episodes. Thus, in the second season, topics such as bipolarity, workplace bullying or Parkinson’s will be dealt with; and there will be wonderful people who react to these situations who will later go to the set to receive a well-deserved tribute.

On this first Monday of broadcast, coinciding with the December bridge and the arrival of Christmas, a time of year when many trips are made by road, the program will denounce the recklessness at the wheel. In this way, ‘Wonderful People’ focuses on irresponsible attitudes when driving and in this week’s hidden camera a driver who is talking on his mobile is about to run over an old woman who is crossing a pedestrian crossing. As it happened last season, faces well known to all will act as godfathers and godmothers on set every week. On this occasion, characters such as Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada, Raquel Mosquera, Pedro García Aguado or Matías Alonso will accompany the presenter throughout the entire broadcast. Esther Arroyo, actress and presenter, will be in charge of sponsoring this first program and will also contribute the testimony of the terrible accident she suffered in 2008 when she was traveling from Cádiz to Santander with the singer Ana Torroja and in which a friend of both died .

Eloísa González and Toñi Moreno, presenters of the format in the Canary Islands and Andalusia. THE PROVINCE

“All the Canary Television teams are doing an extraordinary job and of a great height with the informative coverage of the La Palma volcano, now, ‘Wonderful People’ will reinforce the programming with a complementary space, where social commitment and entertainment prevail to receive Christmas ”, explained Santi Gutiérrez, executive producer and founder of Suelta el Mando Factoría Audiovisual. He also stressed that “the first season of ‘Gente Maravillosa’ in the Canary Islands was a shock, not only because of the audience data but also because of the great reception on the internet”. The executive producer also expressed that “we are very grateful to the viewers, the Canary Television antenna team, and the directors of other regional channels who have highlighted the quality of the Canarian adaptation of ‘Gente Wonderful'”.

In this new season, Eloísa González will once again have the virtual audience present on the set’s pantallion. More than 150 viewers from all over the world will connect with the program and, unlike the latest installments, they will be able to participate more actively since, now, their voice will also be heard. The return of ‘Gente Maravillosa’ to Televisión Canaria coincides in time with the premiere of the format on Telemadrid, also tomorrow, Monday, and the return of the Andalusian version on Canal Sur, on Wednesday, December 8, after years without being broadcast. Toñi Moreno will repeat as presenter in Andalusia and will debut on the Madrid regional channel. The production company is still in talks with other regional channels, as it is a successful prime time content that is completely different from what the public and private channels offer.

‘Gente Maravillosa’ Canarias has already exceeded 25,000,000 views on the internet, attracting followers mainly in countries such as Spain (33% of total visits), Mexico (14.3%) or Argentina (10.5%). The average age of these visits is mostly between 25 and 44 years, while between 25 and 34 years correspond to 32% of the total visits and between 35 and 44, 22.3%.


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