June 14, 2021

Moncloa does not send the National Security alerts about Covid-19 to the PP and offers private access to the documentation

The Government has not sent the PP a copy of the alerts prepared by the Department of Homeland Security related to the pandemic, as the party of Pablo Casado had insistently requested, but has offered that one of its deputies access this documentation in private ” given the volume and nature “of it. The “popular” have rejected access under these conditions because it is not secret and have accused the director of the Cabinet of the Presidency of the Government, Iván Redondo, of “hiding information from sources open to all the Spanish people.”

“The government’s desire for opacity is total and absolute. We will fight in Parliament and in the media and, if necessary, we will go to Justice,” PP deputy Juan Antonio Callejas told Europa Press, who He is a spokesperson for training in the Mixed National Security Commission.

Callejas already reminded Iván Redondo himself last Thursday, in his appearance before the Mixed National Security Commission held in the Senate, that his group has been asking for the notes that National Security sends to the president for months to advise him on executive decision-making.

“Did Sánchez know the alerts that the technicians provided him daily about the coronavirus in the weeks prior to confinement? Was Sánchez installed in a passive attitude to prevent the pandemic from damaging his progressive agenda? Those notes would reveal the inaction of the Government in the moments before the health crisis? “Snapped Redondo the ‘popular’ deputy.


Specifically, on March 19, deputies Callejas and Carlos Rojas requested the Government “a copy of the daily notes that the Department of Homeland Security has sent since November 17, 2019, when the first world case of coronavirus was diagnosed “

In response to this request, the Government has responded to the parliamentarians that, “given the volume and nature of the documentation requested,” the director of the Department of Homeland Security “will contact the first signatory of the request to facilitate access to the interested documentation, in the appropriate terms and in accordance with the National Security regulations. “

Callejas has confirmed to Europa Press that this call has already occurred but the Popular Group has not accepted the offer, alleging that this information is not secret. Thus, it has criticized that it is hidden in the “volume” of the information requested when there are “technological mechanisms that allow thousands of pages to be put on a pen drive.” “This answer is out of context,” he emphasized.


In addition, the PP deputy for Ciudad Real has indicated that allowing access only to the “first signatory” of the request “attempts” against the rest of his group colleagues and even the deputies of other parties because, according to what he said, the responses to the parliamentarians “they are public”.

Callejas has insisted that this information is not secret and that Iván Redondo himself acknowledged it at his appearance, for which he believes that there is an “exercise of total opacity and a desire for obscurantism” by the Executive. In addition, he has denounced the “exercise of trilogy” of Sánchez’s chief of staff for announcing in the Senate that he had already sent that information when he had done it minutes before and “it was not posted on the Cortes website”.

After assuring that there must be “transparency” in this matter, he has advanced that the PP will appeal under the protection of the Table of Congress the decision of the Government not to send to the PP the documentation of the Department of National Security, which is a “technical body” that advises the chief executive. MORE PP DOCUMENTATION REQUESTS

Callejas, Rojas and several other deputies of the PP, among them Ignacio Echániz, Carlos Aragonés, María Jesús Moro or Adolfo Súarez Illana, made a request similar to that of March on June 18, having then not received a response from the Executive.

Specifically, the PP again claimed a copy of the weekly notes that the Department of Homeland Security has sent to the Prime Minister since November 17, 2019, and a copy of how many reports and documents this department has produced “and that are related to the coronavirus. “

In its response, dated June 25 and to which Europa Press has had access, the Government assures that the Department of Homeland Security “does not issue weekly notes” and “limits itself to compiling in an absolutely concise manner, news related to the areas established by the 2017 National Security Strategy, without analyzing or evaluating them. “

And again he responds to the PP deputies that “given the volume and nature of the documents” they request, the director of the Department of Homeland Security will contact them to facilitate access to that documentation.


On June 18, the PP also claimed the number of meetings held by the Situation Committee – which “supports the National Security Council” – from January 1, 2019 to the present, with copies of calls, order of the day, minutes of all the sessions held and all the documents and reports processed in those meetings.

The Government has informed the PP that since January 1, 2019 the Situation Committee has held seven meetings, specifying their dates: August 28, 2019 and the rest in 2020, February 19, March 16, 6 April, April 17, April 29 and May 29.

Of course, the Executive warns in the same response that “all the documents treated in said Committee are classified material as being documentation for the National Security Council, whose deliberations are by secret law.”


In another similar initiative, the PP recalled that on March 4 a meeting of the National Security Council was held, “a collegiate body of the Government whose main missions are to assist the President of the Government in the direction of National Security policy.” For this reason, he demanded a copy of that summons of March 4, agenda, minutes of the session and all the documents and reports processed.

In its response, also dated June 25, the Government maintains that “the matters dealt with by the National Security Council cannot be disclosed, since, as provided for in Royal Decree 399/2020, February 25 is of a Delegate Commission of the Government and its deliberations are classified as secret, as provided for in Article 6 of Law 50/1997 of November 27 of the Government.

The Executive adds that in that Security Council of March 4, the National Aerospace Security Council and the Specialized Committee against Terrorism were approved, as well as the Annual National Security Report / 2019, referring the PP to the website on the You can consult it on the Internet.

Given these latest responses from the Executive, Callejas has advanced that the Popular Group is going to urgently request in Congress the constitution of the Official Secrets Commission to later request its convocation and be able to access that classified information.


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