Moncloa cools the transport aid and the tax on electricity companies that United We Can want in the anti-crisis decree

The Government is working internally on the preparation of the new decree to alleviate the effects of the war in Ukraine, which Moncloa intends to be, broadly speaking, similar to the previous one that expires on June 30: general fuel discount, aid via tax reduction such as VAT on electricity, the increase in the amount of the Minimum Vital Income, the prohibition of raising rents by more than 2%, etc. But it cools the proposals that United We Can have put forward: a specific fund so that municipalities can establish transport passes at 10 euros or a tax on electricity companies.

"I don't know the specificity of these measures", acknowledged the spokeswoman, Isabel Rodríguez, at the press conference after the Council of Ministers, despite the fact that the second vice president, Yolanda Díaz, reiterated this Monday the demand made by United We Can and that the department headed by Ione Belarra had sent him to the socialist wing at least a week ago. "All the departments are studying the current decree, any department can make its considerations at this time of preparing the next decree," he said about the text that the Government must approve before the end of the month, predictably at the cabinet meeting of the next June 28.

Regarding public transport, the spokeswoman has assured that "different aid has been advanced throughout the previous crisis" in reference to the pandemic. "These are issues that we have already addressed," she has sentenced. Regarding the "tax scope for electricity companies, they know that the Government is unloading the tax burden so that Spanish households do not have to take charge of this situation and we have allowed these measures to reduce the increase in the CPI by up to two points", he declared. Rodriguez.

The Government spokeswoman has made it clear that the socialist wing of the Executive is in agreement with the results of the current decree, although fuel prices, for example, continue to grow, leaving behind the bonus. “The Government is evaluating, analyzing, these measures that in cases such as gasoline affect the majority of citizens and others that have to do with the affected sectors. We are satisfied with this decree that has allowed the CPI indicator to be contained around two points”, he said before recalling that this Tuesday the maximum cap on the price of gas with which electricity is produced after the authorization last week of the Iberian exceptionality by the European Commission. "There is no definitive document, the spirit is identical to the one we have in force", she has responded to the question of whether the fuel bonus will be increased by ten cents more.

Rodríguez has kept a low profile regarding the crisis that Spain is going through with Algeria after the North African country announced the paralysis of commercial relations, which he later retracted, but which Spanish companies are suffering. "They are going to allow me to reiterate the Government's commitment to dialogue and approach these relations with the utmost prudence," said the spokeswoman, who has assured that the foreign trade office is in contact with the companies "verifying" what is the exact situation. "Our commitment is to continue advancing in the relationship of loyalty and that of a neighboring country and an ally of our country, not only in the commercial field but in many others," she said.

The Government entrusts itself, in any case, to the EU in resolving the conflict: "Once we verify whether or not there are obstacles, they know that foreign trade is working within the EU to defend the interests of Spain and the companies Spanish, which we will defend with absolute determination”.

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