Moncloa believes that the budgets have caused a "positive" impression after the meeting of Sánchez and Juncker

Moncloa believes that the budgets have caused a "positive" impression after the meeting of Sánchez and Juncker

The same sources have indicated that the meeting lasted between 20 and 30 minutes and the Spanish budget and economic perspectives have been addressed. The head of the Community Executive has told him that the first impression has been "positive" with respect to others, in clear allusion to the case of Italy.

The Government sent its budget plan for 2019 on Monday, which includes a deficit target for next year that is five tenths higher than the public deficit target agreed between Spain and Brussels (1.8% of GDP versus 1.3% set).

Brussels, however, has not yet made any decision on the Spanish budget and will give its formal opinion on the draft at the end of November, initially in the week beginning on Monday 19.

The analysis of Brussels in the Spanish case will focus on the structural adjustment established in the agreed consolidation path, which obliges Spain to make an effort equivalent to 0.65% of GDP. The Government already announced months ago that it would use the flexibility that European fiscal rules allow to reduce it to 0.4%.

If the community executive doubts that Spain will comply with the structural effort required for next year, it has the possibility of sending a letter to the Spanish authorities at the latest on Tuesday to request clarifications. If they are not convincing, Brussels could then demand a new budget.

At their meeting, Sanchez and Juncker also had the opportunity to discuss the status of the Brexit negotiations, a situation discussed in more detail by the heads of state and government of the EU to 27 at a dinner this Wednesday in Brussels.

The conversation has served to review the red lines of the EU bloc in its contacts with the United Kingdom and the unity with which the 27 are leading this negotiation, although they have not talked about the protocol on Gibraltar that will accompany the Exit Agreement and that Spain gives practically by agreed.

Before meeting Juncker, the President of the Government was received by the President of the European Council, Donald Tusk, during a meeting that also lasted half an hour.

On this occasion, the discussion focused on issues that will be discussed by the EU leaders on the second day of the summit, this Thursday, with the United Kingdom in a format of 28, and which will dedicate one of the debates to the situation of the immigration.

In this point, Sanchez has highlighted the increase in the number of arrivals of irregular immigrants along the western Mediterranean route, which most affects Spain, and in this context the President of the Government has stressed the need to recognize the role played by Morocco to contain this migratory pressure, as summarized by government sources.


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