July 25, 2021

Moncloa assumes that he can not prevent Franco from being buried in the Almudena

Moncloa assumes that he can not prevent Franco from being buried in the Almudena

The vice president of the Government, Carmen Calvo, said today that the Executive "can not do anything else than respect" if the Franco family decides to bury the remains of the dictator in the crypt of the Almudena Cathedral in Madrid once they are exhumed from the Valley of the Fallen.

Calvo has referred to the controversy over the fate of Franco's corpse in an informal conversation with journalists at the reception of the Royal Palace on the occasion of the National Holiday.

"It does not depend on us, we can not decide where the remains go, we are talking about some human remains, even if they are from a dictator", said the vice president.

Franco's family has informed the Government that if the exhumation is carried out, against their will, it will transfer the remains to the crypt of the cathedral of Madrid so that they can be buried along with those of the dictator's daughter and her husband.

Calvo recalled that this subterranean zone of the Almudena is a private place that depends on the Church and over which the Government can not exercise any power.

"I'm going to tell the Church what it can and can not do, the Church knows what it wants and does not want, what it can and can not do, what it should and can not do", said the Minister of Equality .

In his opinion, the Government has been "immaculate" at the time of approaching this case with the law in hand, and added that they have not dealt with the Church where Franco's burial will be moved, nor with the family

Calvo has specified that the next day 29 will visit the Vatican to meet with the Secretary of State of the Holy See, Pietro Parolin, but has insisted that the issue of Franco will not be addressed.

He pointed out that there are "many things" on the bilateral agenda that the Government wants to deal with the Vatican, although it has not specified what the main issues are.

Yes has ruled that in this term can be proposed a revision of the Concordat that regulates relations between the State and the Holy See, as advocated by the PSOE.

The vice president has coincided in the Royal Palace with the nuncio, Renzo Fratini, whom he has greeted.

Regarding when the exhumation of Franco from the Valley of the Fallen will take place, Calvo has not given clues, but has reiterated that it will be done with "discretion", while dismissing military honors, as requested by the family of the dictator.


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