January 26, 2021

Monchi leaves Rome and goes to the market

Monchi leaves Rome and goes to the market

Roma and Monchi have reached an agreement today to break the contract that united them after the elimination of the Italians from the Champions League at the hands of Porto. The Cadiz, prestigious sports director, arrived in April 2017 in the capital of Italy to take the team to the top and repeat the formula that had given him such a good result in Seville: sign cheap and good and sell expensive. The reality has been very different and the best Monchi has achieved in the Olympic was the Champions League semifinals last year after eliminating Barcelona. "The AS Roma and Monchi reach an agreement to rescind in a consensual way their work link," said the official statement with which the news has been confirmed.

Now rumors are opening about what will be the next destination of a man who has become one of the best in the recruitment of players. A very clear possibility is that he will return to Seville for the next season, but he does not rule out that a team of the biggest of the Champions League look for Monchi how to redirect their future. It has already sounded several times to join Real Madrid or Barcelona.


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