November 30, 2020

Monastery accuses Sánchez of being "brave" with the dead by exhuming Franco and "cowardly" with the living in Catalonia

In declarations to the journalists after visiting the Center of Minors of First Reception of Hortaleza, Monasterio has opined that "the dead must be left alone and there is no desecration of graves, no matter what the family is if it is Franco, Sánchez, González or Pérez ", on the occasion that this Thursday the remains will be transferred from the Valley of the Fallen to the pantheon of Mingorrubio, in which his widow, Carmen Polo, is already buried.

"Sanchez is very brave with the dead and is very cowardly with the living; because we have already seen what has happened in Catalonia, where he has not dared to act and instead is dedicated to digging up the dead. I think the dead you have to leave them alone, politicians are not to dig up dead, "he has launched.

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