June 5, 2020

Monago asks Vara if he will keep his word to leave the PSOE after the pact with the independentistas and now with Bildu

Monago assures that he is not surprised by the attitude of Sánchez or Fernández Vara, who “not so long ago swore and swore that he would leave the PSOE if Sánchez agreed with the independentistas and now has until the agreement sealed with the heirs of ETA” so, he wondered, “what more do you need” to keep your word.

In this way, Monago has pointed out that Sánchez “has no limits” and that “he is capable of anything for political survival.” Thus, he recalled that Spain “of the 30,000 deaths, unemployment and inequality is today Spain betrayed by the Prime Minister” who “has betrayed his own ministers, the Spain that so often cried with the smell of Goma- 2 “and” has trampled on the 140 years of history of the PSOE “.

In Monago’s opinion, “thousands of PSOE militants” have “their guts churning” when they see “the PSOE seal next to the heirs of the terrorist group ETA”, which killed almost a thousand innocents, including several militants from the PSOE itself.

For José Antonio Monago, “today more than ever, when the rights and freedoms achieved are being questioned with a government that intends to go beyond the Constitution” extending a state of alarm that in reality “alarms the State” is when Fernández Vara “hides again, goes back to silence and is Sánchez’s faithful squire. Once again, Vara betrays again,” the PP stated in a press release.

A silence that, he said, is customary by Fernández Vara, who “will not speak until he sees his position endangered”, but Monago has expressed his concern that the agreement signed between the PSOE and Bildu carries with it a “concession” that “goes against the Extremadurans “.

Thus, the PP president has explained that, according to said agreement, the Basque and Navarre municipalities “will have more spending capacity for public policies” while the rest of the municipalities in all of Spain, including the nearly 400 in Extremadura, ” the Government suffocates them not allowing them to dispose of their savings “obtained during these years.

Monago considers this a betrayal of the rest of the municipalities that “have demonstrated tremendous loyalty to the State by offering services to citizens where neither the Government of Spain nor the Junta de Extremadura reached” during this pandemic.

In short, Monago has affirmed, it is “one more ax to the path taken by the nationalists to break equality between Spaniards”, demonstrating that a distinction is made again between “first and second class citizens” and “the PSOE provokes it again, with the complicit silence of Fernández Vara “.

Finally, he made a reference to a message from Fernández Vara in which he said “that our parents are no longer there to teach us how to overcome hatred and make it disappear from coexistence.” For the PP president, his father would have taught him that “nothing can ever be signed with terrorists or with their white markings” because “a democrat never kneels.”


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