Moments of intense emotion when David Pérez's widow asks that Marlaska not impose the Gold Medal on the deceased

Moments of intense emotion when David Pérez's widow asks that Marlaska not impose the Gold Medal on the deceased

moments of intense emotion were experienced at the event held at the Pamplona Civil Guard Command when the widow of the David Pérez Carracedowho died this Friday in Barbate (Cádiz), has repeatedly asked that was not the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaskawho put the coffin in the coffin Gold medal which had been granted to him for his death in the line of duty.

This gesture of the widow has aroused tremendous emotion among all those present, except in one isolated case, they have maintained a respectful silence, and the act has already concluded without other relevant events. Once the minister has left the room, a response was said for the deceased. Next, The anthem of the Civil Guard has been sung.

The funeral chapel was also attended by the president of Navarra, María Chivite, the Minister of the Interior, Amparo López, and the delegate of the Government in Navarra, Alicia Echeverría, as well as commanders from the Foral Police, National Police and the Army. and public officials from different political formations.

Among those attending were the Deputy Operational Director of the Civil Guard, Manuel Llamas, the head of the Civil Guard Command in Navarra, José Miguel Barbero, and the head of the Rural Action Unit (UAR) of the Rapid Action Group (GAR), Colonel Francisco Javier Molano, as well as other commanders of the GAR.

After the burning chapel, The funeral for the civil guard agent takes place in the cathedral of Pamplona, who lived in Navarra, where he was stationed at the Pamplona command in the Rapid Action Group and for a couple of weeks he was serving in the drug boat control operation deployed by the Armed Institute in the province of Cádiz.

Funeral in the Cathedral of PamplonaThe reason

David Pérez, agent of the Rapid Action Group (GAR), 43 years old, born in Barcelona and father of two children, lived in Sarriguren, in the Navarrese municipality of Valle de Egüés, where his family originates. He entered the Baeza Academy in 2008, did his internship as a civil guard at the Torrevieja post and was later assigned as a professional to the Arta post in the Balearic Islands. In 2010 he completed the GAR course at the Special Training Center of Logroño and since 2011 he served as a GAR agent. He was distinguished with several decorations from the corps.

In the Barbate event, his partner Miguel Ángel González, 39, an agent of the Special Group for Underwater Activities (GEAS), a native of San Fernando and father of a girl, also died.